Where to get best cannabis seeds

The trade in weed seeds over the Internet is a estimated to be over a billion euro concern. You may have noticed I said Euro, not $. The Euro is to weed seed business as the dollar is to the prices of crude oil. The euro currency is the accepted way of setting prices and comparing weed seeds from varied types and marijuana seed breeders. Additionally many weed seed trades are transacted with the euro.

There are a host of causes for this. To start off, many seed distributors and seed banks operate out of Netherlands where the sale and consumption of marijuana is tolerated. Netherlands, as well as its adjoining countries  took on the single currency the Euro starting in the start of the century. To illustrate, the world centre for movies may be Hollywood but the world centre for weed seeds is Netherlands.

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Cheese X Trainwreck

A handful of weed seed breeders in Netherlands have been in business fr quite a while. Take Sensi Seeds as a good example. This seeds bank has been in the business of stocking cannabis seeds for cannabis growers with many of the best cannabis seeds ever made for over 30 years. A lot of weed seed sellers also supply specialist feminized cannabis seeds. A feminized cannabis seed can only grow into a female marijuana plant that grows the buds (flowers) preferred for the high THC content.

Mind you, if a cultivator only plants feminized cannabis seeds the result will be that no males can grow. The female cannabis plants will not be fertilized, and their drug containing buds will be extra strong as a result. The downside of cultivating only with feminized cannabis seeds is that the female cannabis plants that develop won’t produce any seeds. So the grower will have to acquire additional seeds to plant further cannabis batches afterwards.

The variety of cannabis seeds available is stupefying. Highly devoted horticulturists in Netherlands are regularly mixing top strains to create more powerful genotypes that can develop more rapidly, or develop bigger flowers, stronger buds, etc. etc.. Much of of the best cannabis seeds anywhere are being produced in Netherlands and dispersed all around the planet Earth.

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So how could one be confident that the cannabis seeds purchasable from a website are actually the best cannabis seeds or genuinely feminized cannabis seeds? It’s better patronize reputable cannabis seed banks that already have a good repute. Don’t bother with temporary seed banks no mater how dressy their sites. Instead of getting the best cannabis seeds you might be purchasing rubbish.