Who rules the cannabis seed world?

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Marijuana Myth: Amsterdam is the Marijuana Capital of the world

Marijuana Fact: California may be know for Hollywood and earthquakes, however it is also the epicenter of marijuana culture and world class marijuana strains. Since the early 60″s California collecting and growing some of the most potent and elite strains found anywhere on the planet. However, California laws changed in the 1980′s when bud was targeted by Regan’s war on drugs, that unfortunately wiped out many of the world class strains that had accumulated in the region.

As this continued into the mid 90′s, forcing some of the elite breeders to take their craft elsewhere to escape prosecution and Holland looked promising. The Dutch are famous for their floral cultivation, and a marijuana counter culture began to build momentum. Meanwhile , back in North America many growers were migrating to the very liberal another pot friendly location on the Canadian west coast city of Vancouver. Thanks to open minded areas of the world like Holland and British Colombia, marijuana has flourished and thousands of new exciting strains are introduced all the time.

Amsterdam may have the commercial main stream stigma as the capital city of pot, but Humboldt county California, due to major law changes in favor of medicinal marijuana, is the true epicenter of marijuana.

I must say:

It’s a nice idea that California is the world center for high grade marijuana and cannabis seeds but in fact its just a offshoot of the West Coast center of cannabis production and cultivation in British Columbia – I speak from experience :D.

Holland remains the real center of cannabis seeds because it’s legal to grow, sell, and smoke marijuana there – easy peasy – no risk.

cannabis seedsWhen it comes to legal on-line cannabis seeds trade the USA is possibly one of the most restrictive countries in the Western hemisphere – which is why many international seed banks, like Sensi Seeds, refuse to send seeds there.

You guys are missing out I’m afraid.

Anyways, good luck with Obama – hope you get all the restrictions lifted sooner rather than later :-).




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