What the boys want – feminized and popular

best feminized cannabis seeds

If you’re looking for some of the best feminized cannabis seeds hour pretty assistant here, Suzie, has put together a list for you guys complete with links.

So stop torturing yourselves. Any of the cannabis seeds strains listed below is going to produce some awesome marijuana females – big thick breasts, I mean buds, oozing with resin and sticky delights sending you to heaven when smoked.

Suzie knows here stuff. She’s been indoor gardening since she was a little girl. her father taught all the ins and outs of the cannabis growing business.

Check out her favorites. They will all give you some killer weed if you plant and water these babies.


Big Bud
Big Buddha Cheese
Blue Cheese
Blue Hash
Bob Marley Sativa
C13 Haze
Crystal Rain
Light of Jah
New York Diesel
Northern Lights
Pineapple Express
Power Plant
Red Diesel
White Queen
White Widow

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