The Real White Widow

So what’s White Widow weed all about?

White Widow in personWhite Widow is probably the most well-known and famous marijuana strain in the world – but what do we know about it?

First off, despite its name, you can grow male White Widow plants as well as female White Widow. That’s hown you make White Widow cannabis seeds. Sure, most smart growers will just continue to clone their female plants time and time again and that cool. but a regular stock of White Widow cannabis seeds does exist.

Why is it called ‘white’? Because it is perhaps the greatest specimen of the White Strain marijuana – cannabis that develops whitish hairs in its buds and positively glows with whitish THC crystals.

What makes it so good? From the the smokers perceptive it imparts a strong but mellow high, almost narcotic in effect, guiding you on to the land of peace, calm and great insights.  It is the weed of choice for sages and the like.

For growers, it a fast growing robust plant that over-delivers in heavy high THC concentrated buds. Basically it is a predictable producer of high quality weed in bulk.

There are many imitations but there is only one genuine White Widow (aka White Window). Server her and see will return her bountiful favours upon you 😀

Smoker Alert!

Hey guys, for a limited time you can get 5 feminised White Widow seeds for £19.99 – that’s like 5 f**king pounds of White Widow bud in a few weeks :D.  Don’t know how long the stocks will last at this price. To see if they are still available click – White Widow feminised seeds

P.S. You can’t get these seeds sent to the USA. Bummer, I know. But no worries 🙂 – US citizens can get 5 feminized White Widow seeds for €25 ($30) direct from Amsterdam from this link: White Widow Nirvana Seeds

6 thoughts on “The Real White Widow

  1. I got 20 white widow seeds free with my purchase of Azura seeds which were $10 each, and the Azura grows really slow, but the white widow gets strong and well established within a month of sprouting. Even with just fluorescent light bulbs white widow grows perfectly (as long as the soil is good and miracle grow is used as the minimum for nutrient source). I found what helps difficult plants like Azura grow faster and stronger is watering the seedlings with morning dew. It’s easy to collect the dew by just placing a big 8 pound bag of ice in a 5 gallon bucket from the hardware store, and all the dew condenses on the bag and collects in the bucket. If the ice bucket is placed outside around 1am, by 6am it will have at least 100ml of dew, which is really good stuff for watering your plants. They need the dew at least once a week to keep the strong like outdoor plants. The main thing indoor plants are lacking is the morning dew, and the sunlight of course. And sunlight that comes through a window is not the same as direct sunlight.

  2. well i have sampled many many many strains in my life
    lots of purples and oranges and grapes lavenders trainwrecks
    and by far
    in all my time enjoying marijuana i could never fathom why white widow is the best
    because it just is
    and it will be my favourite untill i can get some legit G13 even than i think i would stil
    prefer white widow just because its so perfect in its wave of nostalgia it brings to me

    one love

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