Paradise Seeds

After many of years of growing and experimenting with many varieties of marijuana strains, Paradise Seeds got started in last decade of the previous century.

Paradise Seeds vision was to provide top-quality weed strains into the  coffee shop scene taking into account the fact that a good deal of what was brought in then was of poor quality. They completed all the initial research for finer quality marijuana types in Amsterdam and other locations in the Netherlands. The purpose was to create improved marijuana strains and finer ganja with great taste and stronger high.

A variety of new and exciting types were made and the marijuana seeds were cultivated resulting in stable strains. In a short time, Paradise Seeds marijuana developed a reputation for many of the best marijuana anywhere. The seeds were spread around the world to be grown for personal and medical use and found its way back into the Amsterdam coffeeshop circuit.

Demand for these marijuana seeds increased and as a consequence Paradise Seeds was established to meet the market. By the turn of the century Paradise Seeds was recognized as a world leader in creating the best marijuana strain such as Amsterdam Flame and Sensi Star. Over the last decade Paradise Seeds have been awarded more trophies and recognitions than any other marijuana seed bank.

Paradise Seeds preserves the purity and quality of its lowryder seeds inventory with great diligence. Ongoing monitoring and experimentation results in the continuance of several of the tastiest, strongest, stable and hardy marijuana strains available anywhere.

The marijuana seeds are raised organically and continually tested for strength making sure that the buyer of any strain of Paradise Seeds is using a top-quality seed that results in great marijuana. Each Paradise Seeds bundle of 10 marijuana seeds is accompanied with cannabis growing help you can use to ensure optimum marijuana gardens.

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