Feminized cannabis seeds – why girls make the best marijuana

cannabis seeds for euro cashThe trade in weed  seeds on the Internet is a a mega million euro enterprise. You read that right, I wrote Euro, not $$. The Euro is to marijuana seed enterprise like the American buck is to crude oil prices. The euro currency is the the dominant currency for setting prices and comparing value of marijuana seeds from different breeds and weed seed sorting houses. As well the majority of marijuana seed transactions are done through the euro.

There are a number of explanations for this. Foremost, the majority of seed distributors and seed banks are in The Netherlands where the sale and buying of marijuana is within the law. Holland, as with its neighbouring countries  joined the European Union currency the Euro back in the beginning of the 21st century. Think of it this way –  the world capital for vodka might be Russia but the world capital for marijuana seeds is Holland.

A handful of marijuana seed stockists in Holland have been in existence for many years. Take Sensi Seeds as a good example. Sensi Seeds have been in the trade of supplying cannabis seeds for marijuana growers with many of the best cannabis seeds anywhere for over 30 years.  A good number of marijuana seed banks also create specialist feminized cannabis seeds. A feminized cannabis seed can only mature into a female weed plant which grows the buds preferred for the high drug content.

feminized AK47 cannabis seedsIt should be noted that if a grower only uses the  best feminized cannabis seeds then no males can develop. The female marijuana plants will not be fertilized, and their buds (flowers) will turn extra strong as an outcome. The negative side of growing only with feminized cannabis seeds is that the female marijuana plants that do develop will not bring forth any seeds. Hence you will have to purchase another round of seeds to cultivate further cannabis crops afterwards.

The choice of cannabis seeds obtainable is unbelievable. Highly dedicated  in Holland are always joining famous strains to produce more powerful genotypes that develop more rapidly, or grow denser buds, stronger buds, and other qualities. Most of the best cannabis seeds in the world are being produced in Holland and shared out all about the planet.

But how can a person be sure that the cannabis seeds for sale on the Internet are truly the best cannabis seeds or really feminized cannabis seeds? It is better use reputable cannabis seed banks that already have a good reputation. Don’t bother with shady sellers despite how elaborate their websites. Instead of acquiring the best cannabis seeds you could be buying bird seed!

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