best cannabis seeds highlighted

weed girlThe way it works that if you want to get the girls you gotta have the stuff- which means using the best cannabis seeds available to grow the killer dope and have those lovely babes following you around and wanting to do it with you.

Ok, Ok, I’m off on a little fantasy here but bear with me.

Girls like the guys who are the top dogs.

And guess what?

Top dogs are those guys who have the dynamite smoke. So I’m not totally off my rocker.

It’s coming around to that time  of year again, cannabis growing season, so get ready with my free cannabis growing guides and a handful of the best cannabis seeds.

So what are the best chick magnet marijuana strains? There are a few.

First off, girls like novelty (which probably explains why there are so many divorces but that’s another subject).

hot marijuana girlWhen it comes to something different and exciting you can’t go much wrong with Caramelicious from the well known Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds bank.

This stuff tastes different, but a good kinda different if you know what I mean. Add that with high yields of killer strength smoke and she’ll be on her knees before you know it :-).

Moving on, we could always go for the more sublime narcotic-like effects from Paradise Seeds Opium cannabis seed strain.

This is guaranteed to chill both of you out bringing you into that oh so sensual opium den like experience. Enter the world of touch after a big fat Opium joint.

You can’t go wrong with this one.

If you are attracted to the big spender types perhaps you’d be interested in some serious cash-cropping marijuana seed strain like Light of Jah that just keeps yield some very tasty and potent bud to the tune of 750 grams plus per plant.

white queen seedsYou could smoke your brains out and still become a Howard Marks junior with thee surplus.

Speaking of Howard Marks, that dope smoking drug trafficking Welshman a.k.a. Mr Nice, Sensi Seeds have now produced a strain designed to impress any member of the opposite sex and they have called in Mr Nice G13 X Hash Plant in Howard’s honour.

This stuff is simply awesome.

Just having the seeds in your possession could make you top dog of your neighborhood. And girl’s simply love hot dogs!!! 😀

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