Get Feminized – Why Amsterdam Girls are Best

legalize marijuanaI don’t care what anyone else says, Amsterdam is the koolest city in the world.

Not only are the girls hot hot hot, if you like weed you feel you are in heaven.

It was in Amsterdam that they perfected the technique of feminizing cannabis seeds.

Which means in real terms that when you plant these babes you only get girls. girls that smell good, taste great, and can send you to the moon!

One of the best cannabis seed banks in Amsterdam are called … guess what … Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. They say it like it is.

Some of the hotest feminized cannabis seeds come from this bank. These girls are smoking!!

By the way, some people, mainly from England, like to spell ‘feminized seeds’ as ‘feminised seeds’- although they still pronounce the s like a z.

Are they confused or just stubborn?

And how come the Americans dont spell it ‘feminized seedz’. No consistency.

amsterdam cannabis seedsBeing Welsh, I’m easy going.

Spell it any way you want.

In Welsh we spell it ‘hadau ffemineisd’ – but don’t let it put your knickers (panties) in a knot.

We’re also known for our liberal attitudes towards all sorts of things like drugs and sex :D.

Life is short right? Why waste it being all uptight and intolerant?

OK, I’ll get off my soapbox and give you what you really want 🙂 – links to some of the best feminized cannabis seeds and strains in the world available right here in the Weed capital Amsterdam (or on-line of course ;-))

Here’s the master list of feminized cannabis seeds from the top of the seed bank heap Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds:

Take your time going through them. enjoy the pictures, imagine the aroma, the effects. you could get high just checking out htese links.


Afghan Feminized
Big Black Indica Feminized
Bob Marley Sativa Feminized
California Dream Feminized
Cheese Feminized
Crystal Rain Feminized
Haze Feminized
Le Fruit Defendu Feminized
Light of Jah Feminized
Lowryder Feminized
New Super Silver Haze Feminized
New York Diesel Feminized
Northern Lights Feminized
Strawberry Ice Feminized
Supernova Feminized
Waikiki Queen Feminized
White Queen Feminized
White Widow Feminized

All those girls above produce some awesome marijuana whether you are growing indoors and or outdoors. Unlike most seeds banks in Holland, all these feminised cannabis seeds can be shipped discretely to the USA. these guys have no fear!

Talk to you later guys.

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