Sensi Seeds puts on a smiling face

Has Sensi Seeds come out smiling?

sensi seeds facePossibly the most popular and certainly legendary cannabis seed bank in Amsterdam, Sensi Seeds now has a smiling face on one of its popular cannabis seeds blog.

Sensi Seeds is known for its serious work on cannabis genetics and have recently teamed up with the most famous cannabis aficionado in the world – Howard marks, aka Mr Nice to produce a new hybrid using G13 appropriately called Mr Nice G13 X Hash Plant. Yep that’s a mouthful. But apparently this new super strain from Sensi Seeds is worth the extra effort it takes to say it.

Not to be confused with Serious Seeds, Sensi Seeds in nevertheless a long standing and serious cannabis seed bank continuing to produce marijuana strains that have virtually established Amsterdam as the Kannabis Kapital of the World.

The smiling new girl, pictured here is a welcome face when visiting the primo Sensi Seeds blog. Are the genetic scientists  at Sensi lightening up?  Or have they been smoking to much of their own produce?

I guess it doesn’t really matter. We welcome the new look.

By the way, is she single? and if we went to Sensi Seeds headquarters in Amsterdam will she be there to greet us? or do they keep her out back harvesting cannabis seeds? can I get a job there? 😀

BTW, the Sensi Seeds blog has revamped their picture catalogue. Great way to view all the marijuana strains in a quick glance to see what catches your eye ;-).

Click on  the links below to see the picture catalogue:

Sensi Seeds Outdoor

Sensi Seeds Indoor / Greenhouse

Sensi Seeds Indoor

Sensi Seeds Feminized

White Label

White Label Feminized

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