New York Diesel

New York DieselWhy is this strain from the Big Apple so popular? maybe cause it deliver large quantities of great smoking exotic weed – tastes great and the effects are simply out of this world :D.

Usually grown indoors, this marijuana strain was taken to Amsterdam for improvement. Get New York Diesel marijuana seeds from the Capital of Cannabis and you’ll get a strain that delivers up to 20% more wicked bud per plant that the original New York Diesel back home.

Originally bred from Mexican Sativa and super Afghani strains,  New York Diesel is one of the most sought after marijuana seeds on the internet.

Winner of prestigious awards for super bud and exotic stones. New York Diesel remains a prime strain for indoor growing, especially in small grow rooms ’cause it stays low and bushy yielding more bud per plant than other popular strains (you’ll harvest 400 grams plus per plant).

Popular among experienced growers and first-timers alike, New York Diesel is bound to stay on top of the charts for many years to come.

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