Sensi Seeds feminised

How Sensi Seeds make the best feminised canabis seeds

feminised cannbis seeds sensi seedsSensi Seeds premium cannabis seeds bank serving Europe has done a make-over of its site and updated it feminised cannabis seeds catalogue.
Out with the old and in with the new, Sensi Seeds have eliminated marijuana seed strains of lesser quality and brought on some new fantastic super cannabis strains in feminised seed form.

Sensi Seeds just go from strength to strength and are holding strong against new upstart cannabis seed banks in the Netherlands , many of whom breed Sensi Seed strains and give them new names. If you want the best cannabis seeds, and especially the best feminised cannabis seeds, go to the original cannabis seed bank in Europe, Sensi Seeds, who have been delivering quality cannabis seeds for top growers going on over two decades now.

Whether you are just starting out with growing cannabis indoors or outdoors, or you are an experienced marijuana breeder with many years of experience behind you, you will find the perfect cannabis seeds at Sensi Seeds to suit your needs. Feminised cannabis seeds make the ideal choice who don’t want the hassle of checking for males and trying to sex the cannabis plants before pollen contamination takes place.

Remember, female cannabis plants, deprived of pollen, grow larger stickier buds with more resin, taste, and potency – the kind of weed people love to smoke. So why take a chance with regular cannabis seeds when you can simply select the best feminised cannabis seeds from Sensi Seeds and be assured of growing top quality female plants every time.

Below is the list of feminised Sensi Seeds cannabis seeds. There is not an overwhelming variety of strains because at Sensi Seeds they believe in just concentrating ofn the best feminised seeds and not getting all hot and bothered about an over-abundance of choice.

Sensi Seeds feminised seeds

Big Bud
Silver Haze #9
Jack Flash #5
Skunk #1
Shiva Skunk
Early Skunk
Northern Lights #5 X Haze

You really cant go wrong with any of these feminised seeds from Sensi Seeds. There is something for everyone whether you are looking for a soaring high of Sativa, the mellow buzz of an Indica, the balanced effect of a good hybrid, large yields, great taste and smell, or simply medical-grade potency. Sensi Seeds develop the best feminised seeds to suit all tastes.