Best Marijuana Strains for Outdoor UK and Ireland

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Despite laws prohibiting it, it’s clear that a lot of people are growing some amazing marijuana in the UK, Ireland and Northwestern Europe.

Growing cannabis in the British Isles comes with some careful considerations when it comes to selecting cannabis seed strains.

Known for its often cool, short and damp summers, along with heavy rains coming in by mid September on, you growers in the UK need a strain that grows fast and is resistant to mould.

First off, forget using a Sativa variety. These tropical plants can grow so large they can be spotted from the adjacent mountain (yeh, I live in Wales :-)). On top of that, being used to long growing seasons they won’t be ready in time and will often get contaminated by mould, destroying the whole crop, before it’s even time to harvest.

If you’ve ever suffered a mould attack you know what I’m talking about :(. If you haven’t, consider yourself lucky and stay away from the pure Sativa strains. If you simply must grow Sativa do it indoors or a greenhouse – at least in the UK and Ireland.

A great mould-resistant variety is Early Queen, a fast growing variety that delivers large harvests of awesome bud in an incredibly short flowering cycle of 7 weeks making Early queen a great variety for impatient people like me  ;).

You can go for a pure Indica like Amsterdam Indica which should be a suitable marijuana strain for the UK but only if you like the sleepy narcotic-like effects that pure Indicas deliver. If you want the soaring highs of Sativa then go for a specially bred hybrid where you get the best of both worlds – great energetic highs from a plant that stays low with a heavy harvest of super dense Indica-like bud, and grows quickly enough with a short flowering cycle so you can harvest early, say in the first week of September.

Sounds to good to be true? It’s not – if you select the right strain.

Cannabis Seeds UK has out together a awesome list of the best cannabis strains for the UK and Ireland. Check it out here:

Best Outdoor Marijuana Strains for UK and Ireland

The list isn’t exhaustive, but any of those strains listed should do exceptionally well in the British Isles climate and growing season.

purple power cannabis seedsOne of the most popular outdoor strains grown in the UK is Early Pearl. This robust hybrid has been reported to do very well there bring in the bounty harvest in record time.

No wonder this strain is becoming so popular in the UK. It’s not a super expensive strain and delivers predictably large harvests of great smoking bud. What more do you want? (Apart from the liberalization of cannabis laws).

The most important thing to remember if you want to grow a great harvest this year is to DO something, now. Stop thinking about while the time to start germinating those seeds slowly slip by.

Best wishes to all my fellow gardeners. Hoping for a great marijuana growing season in the UK & Ireland :D.

2 thoughts on “Best Marijuana Strains for Outdoor UK and Ireland

  1. Have you tried ” purple power?” because I have been researching lots of good strains but I don’t know whether it would actually grow properly or not. Or do you know anyone who has experimented?

  2. Been growing blueberry bud outdoors and its now october and they got nice sticky crystaly buds on them but I’m unsure when to harvest them any help please.

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