Blue Widow

Blue Widow is a potent hybrid of the Dinafem cannabis seeds bank that combines the genetics of the world famous White Widow and popular specialty Blueberry. This F1 hybrid was created for its unique and pleasing flavour as well as its intense colour. The taste of White Widow is combined with the Related posts: Blue Cheese Blue Cheese matures in a short 8 to 9 weeks and it’s generous harvest of bud contains on average 18% or above THC content. That’s… Blue Hash feminized Blue Hash is an Indica / Sativa hybrid that can reach up to 3 metres producing resinous and hard buds, with purple colours in cold… Blue Fruit Feminised Seed Blue Fruit marijuana is a very special cannabis strain – potent Afghani Indica, exotic Thai Sativa and wild Mexican ‘blue weed’. … Critical+ feminised seeds A strong and predictable hybrid of Big Bud and Super Skunk, Critica+ is known for its distinctive Skunky smell and taste…. Bluematic Auto-flowering feminised seeds A favou