Cheese feminised cannabis seeds

The legendary Cheese cannabis seed variety which originated in the UK. Its history is simple and, for many valid reasons, its genetics are the most well-known throughout the country. The coat of crystals which cover the flowers of this aromatic variety is dense enough to induce you to smoke it rather than eat it with Related posts: Blue Cheese Blue Cheese matures in a short 8 to 9 weeks and it’s generous harvest of bud contains on average 18% or above THC content. That’s… Critical+ feminised seeds A strong and predictable hybrid of Big Bud and Super Skunk, Critica+ is known for its distinctive Skunky smell and taste…. Dinafem Cheese Dinafem cannabis strain A popular genotype from the Dinafem marijuana seeds bank, Cheese feminised is a number 1 Indica/Sativa hybrid cannabis strain grown for its… Big Buddha Cheese Buddha Cheese Cheese cannabis got its start and became famous in an underground network of UK growers and one clone was delivered to Big Buddha… Cheese Automatic femi