Cultivating cannabis outdoors in the British Isles

best cannabis seeds for outdoorsBecause of the wide array of adaptability of marijuana, different types have been bred to be cultivated optimally in climates world over.

Thanks to the techniques and dedication of geneticists, there are now a wide range of marijuana strains suited for outdoor cultivation in all kinds of climates including the short damp summers of the UK.

Developing cannabis outdoors is of course the simplest growing method because there’s no need to mess with grow room set-up. If you pick the proper variety of cannabis then you are assured of a great crop grown in its natural surroundings – outdoors and in sunlight – especially in UK and Ireland.

The cannabis seed types from many high performing cannabis seed-banks in Holland are sorted into classifications based on the climate well matched for the cannabis strains to reach its highest budding ability, and completely achieve its inherent potential.

Selecting the most suitable types will depend upon whether your area has a sunny, temperate, or cold climate`growing season. Early Queen is a good selection to be cultivated outdoors in a temperate environment Indica and Sativa strains are dependent on the day length flower, while the Ruderalis genotype cultivates varieties like Lowryder that bud when they reach a specified age.

These varieties are labelled autoflowering varieties, and are advantageous for brief growing seasons that could not normally permit marijuana to achieve full maturation, and lengthy summers in which case two crops may be possible in the same ground apart from the usual single harvest.

Ruderalis originates from the northern regions of USSR and enjoys a natural low THC content.

Indica varieties come from the Himalaya region and other mountainous areas in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The THC and CBD content of Indica types changes very little`not much among the types.

Sativa is a tropical cannabis variety. Sativa marijuana varieties grow in a completely different environment, native to equatorial and tropical locations, and enjoy a high percentage of THC.

Hence, a bright or Mediterranean climate with lengthy growing season is mostly suitable for outdoor growing of the vast majority of marijuana varieties. This climate includes virtually all of equatorial regions and many places occasionally, even around sixty degrees latitude.

Also, for outside cultivation in locations with a temperate climate and average summers, the types Early Pearl, Holland’s Hope and Early Skunk are excellent picks.

There are various regions in the north below 50º that enjoy this climate, and many locations below forty-five degrees latitude enjoy mild seasons.

According to this information, it can simply be sussed which marijuana strains are best suited for outdoor growing based on the growing season of a certain location.