Diesel feminised

Diesel is one of the most popular marijuana strains first developed in the USA and also known as New York Diesel. Related posts: Critical+ feminised seeds A strong and predictable hybrid of Big Bud and Super Skunk, Critica+ is known for its distinctive Skunky smell and taste…. Chem Dog Chem Dog is a very popular medical marijuana strain. A cross-breed of Sour Diesel and O.G.Kush, Chem Dog has some great ancestry and combines the… Blue Fruit Feminised Seed Blue Fruit marijuana is a very special cannabis strain – potent Afghani Indica, exotic Thai Sativa and wild Mexican ‘blue weed’. … Diamond Girl Diamond Girl (aka Early Misty or Silver Pearl is a fast growing robust strain bred especially for growing outdoors in northern climes with short summers…. Blue Widow Blue Widow is a potent hybrid of the Dinafem cannabis seeds bank that combines the genetics of the world famous White Widow and popular specialty… http://cannabis-seeds-uk-direct.11il.com/diesel-feminised/