Easy Rider autoflowering

Easy Rider makes an excellent choice of cannabis seeds for impatient growers (like me). It enjoys the shortest flowering period (6 weeks) of any indoor cannabis strain and delivers a large bounty of potent, sweet tasting weed in record time. 9 weeks from seed to final harvest. Additionally, Easy Rider is an easy high-grade marijuana Related posts: Auto Kush Feminised Auto-flowering Kush has a number of qualities which keeps it a darling of experienced indoor growers and smokers in general. Being a cross of Hindu… Lowryder auto-flowering cannabis A hardy hybrid of high-grade Ruderalis Indica and Mexican Sativa, Lowryder is an auto-flowering cannabis strain. … Quick One Auto Fem Seeds Quick One auto-flowering is one of the original auto strains and one of the fastest with just 55 to 60 days (8 weeks) between germination… Auto Critical feminised seeds This three-way Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis hybrid delivers thick dense buds in record time. Expect around 60 grams of this potent bud p http://cannabis-seeds-uk-direct.11il.com/easy-rider-autoflowering-feminised-seeds/