White Window

white window cannabis marijuanaWhite Window (originally called White Widow) is possibly the most celebrated cannabis strain in history. It’s popularity is due to a number of reasons, not least its taste and effects when smoked.

A potent cross between super Sativa from Brazil and India, White Window (aka White Widow) took the Amsterdam coffee shops by storm.

Despite its mainly Sativa background, White Window (White Widow)imparts a smooth and balanced stone with effects similar to great hashish. (If you have to dissect the genetic heritage of White Window (White Widow) it’s usually classified as one-quarter Indica and three-quarters Sativa.)

The term ‘white’ in White Window is a reference to the glimmering whitish sheen this cannabis plant takes on when reaching maturity. White Window become covered in THC drenched crystals which gives it a silvery / whitish appearance.
Needless to say this is one very potent variety of cannabis and effects of White Window (White Widow) when smoked are a strong but mellow buzz.

So what’s White Window (White Widow) like to grow you ask?

If you live up north White Window (White Widow) cannabis is best grown indoors or in a greenhouse. It has a reasonable 8 week flowering cycle so if you give it three months of vegetative grow, a crop of White Window should be ready for harvest around 5 months after germinating. It is possible to make it flower a month sooner but the usually large harvest of 450 grams per plant will be somewhat diminished as a result.

So what ever you want to call it, White Window, White Widow or even White Widdow, this is a potent marijuana strain with an average THC level of 15% to 20%. In other words, White Window marijuana (White Widow marijuana) should be smoked with caution ;).

For more information and links to buying seeds click the link – White Widow seeds

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