Dutch Dope marijuana seeds

Dutch Dope is a high-grade hybrid from Amsterdam – designed to grow outdoors outdoors in northern climates like the UK and Ireland. Related posts: Early Misty Early Misty can be harvested earlier than most other marijuana stains making it ideal for the British and similar climates- which explains its popularity in… Best cannabis seeds for UK Ireland outdoors These strains not only grow easily and well in the British Isles but they also produce some of the best and biggest harvests of potent… Strawberry Ice feminized Strawberry Ice yields around 500 grams of potent bud per plant with a very high THC level of 20%. Smoke with restraint ;-)… Supernova (a.k.a. Chronic) Supernova has more sparkling THC crystals than any other strain – which explains its name. Due to it’s extreme strength and potency, (25% THC content)… Azura Crossed with Light of Jah, the bounty from growing Azura can be staggering – up to 700 grams per plant!… http://cannabis-seeds-uk-direct.11il.com/dutch-dope-marijuana-seeds/