Royal Queen feminized and autoflowering seeds

Royal Queen Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds is one of the top European marijuana seed breeders, and well on its way to becoming a leader worldwide. Based in the Netherlands, they pride themselves on providing high quality feminized seeds at an affordable price.

The new line of Royal Queen Seeds is the product of 20 years of growing experience, and seeds are created only from powerful strains like Haze or white species.

Quality is guaranteed by the rigorous practices of the Royal Queen Seeds team: all seeds come from organic mothers, are hand-picked, are tested for genetic purity, and tested daily for ‘germinating strength’.

Quality is maintained right through the order process, as all seeds are vacuum-packed, and sent in strong resistant packaging, to ensure the seed arrives in perfect condition to your door.

Below are their feminized strains. Click on a link for more information and how to order.

Amnesia Haze

Blue Mistic


Fruit Spirit

Haze Berry


Kali Dog

Northern Light

O G Kush

Power Flower

Royal Caramel

Royal Cheese

Shining Silver Haze

White Widow
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Royal Queen Auto-flowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds is amongst the top rapidly-growing marijuana seeds breeders in Europe and hopes to become worldwide market leader within a few years.

Royal queen is a specialized marijuana seed bank created by top breeders in the Netherlands.

Best known for their auto-flowering varieties, Royal Queen marijuana seed-bank creates automatic strains from some of the top strains available.

There are many advantages to using auto-flowering seed strains. Due to their rapid life cycle between 55 and 70 days, they can be grown outdoors where the summer growing season is relatively short.

Royal Queen prides itself in providing top quality marijuana seeds where the seeds are all selected by hand to ensure only healthy ones get passed on the grower. The seeds are tested often for their ability to germinate.

Below is a selection of their auto-flowering feminied strains. Click on the picture for more information and how to order.

All new automatic breeds are created only using the most robust and healthy specimens ensuring high quality seeds. These seeds are then vacuum packed to ensure safe arrival to you, the grower.

Click the link to see the full range of Royal Queen Auto-flowering feminized seeds available