Northern Lights marijuana seeds

Northern Lights of Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Northern Lights Amsterdam Marijuana SeedsOriginally developed on the west coast of Canada, Northern Lights quickly established itself as premium breed pleasing grower and smokers alike.

A predictable and potent Indica strain, Northern Lights is known for it smooth and tasty smoking experience with a relaxing and long lasting body stone effect. The perfect pot for chilling 🙂 .

A favourite strain among cash croppers, Northern Lights marijuana seeds ensure a large harvest of great tasting bud that is always in high demand.

Best known for its large and heavy central bud, or cola, Northern Lights buds enjoy a high THC content of 15% – 20%) and sweet smoking experience and awesome body-buzz 😉 .

Specifically bred for indoor grow rooms Northern Lights deliver a predictable 400+ grams per plant of great smoking dried bud with a flowering cycle of around 10 weeks.