Aurora Indica

Probably one of the most potent Indicas you can find, this weed has a THC content ranging between 20% and 24%. This is Nirvana Seeds most potent Indica marijuana strain – smoke with extreme caution :D. Related posts: Medusa Medusa is an extremely potent Indica/Sativa White Strain hybrid recently developed by Nirvana Seeds. This wicked weed has a reputation of turning people into stone ;-). But seriously, smoke this stuff with reserve :D…. Eldorado This is a marijuana strain that starts legends. if you love Sativa marijuana – you’ll go bonkers for this strain ! 😉 … Blackberry An easy strain to grow indoors, expect big harvests from Blackberry (400 – 500+ grams per plant of delicious bud)…. Chrystal Chrystal cannabis seeds have been created out of an extremely robust and potent cross between the world famous White Widow and with the long-time favorite Northern Lights…. Wonder Woman Wonder Woman is one of the new high-volume cannabis strains. This robust Sativa/Indica hybrid fr