Auto Kush Feminised

Auto-flowering Kush has a number of qualities which keeps it a darling of experienced indoor growers and smokers in general. Being a cross of Hindu Kush and Lowryder, Auto Kush produces those tight heavy resin-sticky buds and keeps on producing them throughout its life cycle. Which means you can do a little sampling before harvests Related posts: Automatic Blueberry When harvested, these buds enjoy delicious strong and fruity, berry-like aroma. Blueberry is also considered an excellent hash making strain die to its extreme potency…. Pineapple Express Auto Flowering Feminised Seeds If you enjoyed the movie and want to get your hands on the real deal now you can order Pineapple Express feminized cannabis seeds on-line…. Lowryder seeds for invisible outdoor marijuana plants Small, hard to detect, and producing potent Indica buds thought its growing cycle, Lowryder seeds are the cannabis seeds of choice for fast growing marijuana…. Easy Ryder Easy Ryder rows well indoors or greenhou