Early harvest Papaya produces an amazing 450+ grams of killer weed per plant. The effects are narcotic – deep relaxing body stone. Related posts: Medusa Medusa is an extremely potent Indica/Sativa White Strain hybrid recently developed by Nirvana Seeds. This wicked weed has a reputation of turning people into stone ;-). But seriously, smoke this stuff with reserve :D…. Full Moon Developed from potent Thai breeds, Full Moon delivers tight heavy buds of a high THC content (15% to 20%) of some of the trippiest weed you will ever smoke…. Black Jack Black Jack delivers around 400 to 500 grams of high THC content smoke (18% to 22%), making this White Strain is classified for medicinal use as well as recreational…. Chrystal Chrystal cannabis seeds have been created out of an extremely robust and potent cross between the world famous White Widow and with the long-time favorite Northern Lights…. Blackberry An easy strain to grow indoors, expect big harvests from Blackberry (400 – 500+