Venus Fly Trap

Venus Fly Trap was developed as a high producing cash cropper. Large harvests of 550+ grams per plant can be expected Related posts: Blue Mystic Similar to Northern Lights, Blue Mystic enjoys all its best qualities plus a slight berry-like taste and bluish tinge when it matures … dense and profuse bud production resulting in around 450 grams of harvest per plant. … Kaya Gold If you’re looking for a sure thing and a harvest you can depend on then Kaya Gold makes an excellent choice for cannabis seeds…. Short Rider A specialty strain form Nirvana Seeds, this version of the ‘Rider family’ produces a up to 300 grams of potent smoking bud (10% to 15% THC content) in as short as 6 to 8 weeks of growth…. Super Skunk Yields of super potent bud of 500+ grams can be expected per plant. It’s not just the huge financial gains that Super Skunk provides for professional marijuana growers, the strain is a tasty smoke with a great buzz – a pleasure to possess and consume – a perfect balance o