White Castle

White Castle in a spectacular jewel in the treasure hoard of Nirvana Seeds. A combination of two top White cannabis strains – White Widow and Ice, White Castle is an F1 hybrid with exceptional qualities. Related posts: Ice Classified as an indoor super white strain hybrid (Sativa/Indica), Ice yields up to 500 grams per plant of wicked smoke. It can also be grown outdoors in fair climates and is considered to be of medicinal quality. Flowering time – 8 to 10 weeks…. Chrystal Chrystal cannabis seeds have been created out of an extremely robust and potent cross between the world famous White Widow and with the long-time favorite Northern Lights…. Medusa Medusa is an extremely potent Indica/Sativa White Strain hybrid recently developed by Nirvana Seeds. This wicked weed has a reputation of turning people into stone ;-). But seriously, smoke this stuff with reserve :D…. Snow White Snow White becomes covered in massive crystal-coated buds producing 500+ grams of potent smoke with a hi