Limoncello Haze and Super Skunk AMS

Expect 350 grams of harvest per M² of grow space of dense, smelly, resinous buds. If you love hashish, this Skunk Special hybrid could be the strain for you.

Also we need to mention new Limoncello Hazfeminized seeds

limoncello haze feminized seedsLimoncello Haze is a  hybrid bred from Silver Haze and Lemon Ice.

Limoncello Haze has a delicious citrus flavour much praised by marijuana lovers who’d rather use a vaporizer to get the full taste.

Limoncello Haze won the High Times cannabis cup two years in a row in 2008 and 2009.

Limoncello Haze delivers a large amount of dense buds resulting in a copious harvest.

A long lasting and relaxing high, the effects of Limoncello Haze are psychodelic.

Limoncello Haze is medical marijuana and is great for pain relief. Limoncello Haze is also is a good cure for insomina.

Limoncello Haze seeds can be grown indoors and outdoors.