Caramelicious auto-fem

caramelicious auto-fem seedsFirst there was the magnificent Caramelicious with thick sticky buds that smelled like heaven and had a delicious caramel flavour when smoked – not to mention the soaring long lasting high!

Then Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds created and made available Caramelicious autoflowering feminized seeds – or Caramelicious auto-fem for short 🙂 .

Where’s what the esteemed cannabis seed bank, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, has itself to say about Caramelicious:

This delicious variety with BIG fat sticky buds and sweet caramel flavor is our favorite after dinner smoke.
Caramelicious has been bred for the last 15 years with great success and happiness.
This indica/sativa hybrid is crossed back and selected on her sweet taste and great yield.

A beautiful plant loads of crystals sweet taste and a happy high.

This plant is easy to grow – good for beginners.

Great for both growing indoors and outdoors, Caramelicious auto-fem seeds can be ‘sample- harvested’ throughout its growth cycle to ensure quality – and keep the buzz going on 😀 .


Bug Bud feminised | Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Big Bud feminized seeds

big bud feminized seedsAt long last Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds have created and now making available Big Bud feminized seeds.

A long favourite of indoor commercial growers, Big Bud marijuana is a Super Skunk and Afghan cross that lives up to its name.

But don’t take our word for it, here’s the official Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds description:

Big Bud takes a while before she flowers but the pay out is worth the wait! A must for the grower with high ambitious and great intentions. Big Bud is well know for its massive buds with very few leaves and legendary yield. No other plant produces more than Big Bud.

Big Bud had been product of years of development and refining starting in the USA and later back in Amsterdam. It`s unique flavour and THC qualities are well known all around the world, and is still in huge demand.

Big Bud is a type of cannabis created by crossing Skunk and Afghan. That makes it easy to grow and it is a very strong plant resistant to almost anything.

Growing your own Big Bud is quite easy although sometimes Big Bud will require some extra attention, but the outcome will be extra large,  Big Bid will produce more than any other marijuana plant in the same space. Usually the lower branches collapse under the weight of the buds. The smoke is smooth and the high is very strong. The flavour resembles garlic and spices.

Big Bud is world famous and a must for marijuana growers. Huge yields and very potent buzz, that`s Big Bud.

With every order of Big Bud feminized seeds, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is also giving away for free 5 feminized seeds. Currently the 5 free feminized seeds give-away is Cheese feminized seeds.

This is definitely a marijuana seed deal you don’t to let you pass by. Big Bud marijuana is primarily an indoor strain that can be grown any time of year.

With a 9 week flowering cycle Big Bud feminized seeds can deliver a massive harvest of up to 600 grams per square meter of dense high THC (25%) bud with a great taste and a long smooth body buzz stone. Wicked! 😀


Bianca marijuana – the power of three

bianca feminized seedsNow available from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is Bianca seeds and Bianca feminized seeds.

This strain is a robust hybrid concocted from cross-breeding three super stains:

White Widow – the fantastic smoking strain favourite of Amsterdam coffee houses and grown and smoked worldwide.

White Queen – the Empress of White marijuana strains known for its huge potent yields

Afghan – a strong and stout Indica best known for its hashish production – strong smelling with potent relaxing highs.

Combine these top-grade strains and you have Bianca – the new kid n the block that is taking the marijuana growing community by storm.

Grown indoors or outside, Bianca is sure to deliver a hefty harvest of some of the sweetest smoking weed on the planet.

Just can’t get enough of the strain! Here’s what Amsterdam Marijuana seeds bank has to say about it’s own creation:

Bianca feminized is a unique hybrid consisting out of three different and extremely popular strains of cannabis. The famous White Widow, which is regarded as one of the most desirable marijuana strains ever produced and is a multiple Cannabis Cup winner. The Afghani strain, used to mountainous conditions, a very hardy and strong strain of cannabis, which can endure severe cold or heat. And then at last, but definitely not at least, the White Queen strain, also referred to as the Empress among the white cannabis genetics. As I am sure you can imagine, the mixture of all these three strains, is bound to give a most exiting and beautifu strain of marijuana. It is widely sold all over the world, including in the Amsterdam coffeeshops.

Depending on the space you have available, Bianca feminized seeds will grow either indoors or outdoors. Bianca feminized plants thrive on both occasions.

The best time for harvesting your Bianca feminized plants will be about seven weeks, which is quite quick. If you are planting your Bianca feminized seeds outside, the right harvesting time will be about September or October, depending on the climate and conditioning.

These Bianca feminized plants grow to a medium height, so they are not very tall. Which is one of the Afghani characteristics, of which is has got a few. Bianca feminized is almost like a Bonsai bush. There is a thick layer of THC crystals on the buds of the Bianca feminized plant, which give them a nice and white look.

The yield is pretty good as well, as the buds on the Bianca feminized plant are big and fat. And even-though it might not be a very tall cannabis plant, it doesn’t take away much of the weight in the end.

The taste of the Bianca feminized bud is floral one, with a hint of hashish, a deep combination of flavours. It smells intense and powerful. Bianca has a very positive high, very strong. Because Bianca cannabis comes from different strains, which have different highs to it, it gives you an uplifting high with a strong after-blow. Very nice.

Click on the links abouve to find out more or even order Bianca feminized seeds and get 5 free feminized seeds with every order. Sweet  🙂 .

Why growing marijuana indoors is better

amsterdam marijunana seedsIt seems like more and more folk are growing their own ganja these days. Not only is there a growth of hydroponics stores and ‘how to grow’ websites, the quality of the marijuana accessible on the streets and amongst users’ communities has altered over the past decade or so from commercialized hash and low grade green to dope of the highest quality.

There are several good reasons to grow  marijuana indoors. Not least of these is the financial angle. You don’t need to be a maths mastermind to work out that after your initial outlay on equipment and seeds, growing your own at home will be considerably cheaper than buying from a dealer or even from so-called buddies. If you are a serious-minded user this can work out to the saving of a small treasure.

Another great reason to grow your own marijuana is that you know exactly where it has come from, and more importantly, how it was grown. Quality is a very important consideration to the dedicated smoker. You choose your own strain and know what you are going to get. When you grow your own there are no more hurried parking lot transactions that, when you get home, transpire to have been for inferior quality goods. Now you can buy top-quality seeds from some awesome strains right on the Internet such as Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds where they supply classics like Lowryder and Master Kush

Growing your own cannabis is also great fun. Even without the bonus of a regular supply of your favourite smoke, the art of growing is tremendously interesting. Like all good hobbies it takes minutes to learn but a long time to master. There’s always something novel to learn, different techniques and methods to try or new exotic strains to sample.

But perhaps the chief reason for people to grow their own weed is that it removes the power and the money from criminals. Whatever your own view is on legalization, if you live in a country or province where possession of ganja is illegal, then buying pot on the black-market not only bankrolls criminal gangs; it forces people who may in all other aspects of their lives be wonderfully law abiding citizens, to consort with criminal elements. This also exposes people to harder drugs and increases the risk of getting caught. Even if you normally buy your weed from a friend, unless it is home grown on a domestic scale, then somewhere along the line someone is dealing with organised criminal gangs who have only one thing on their minds; profits, NOT quality. Each day the bud quality from dispensaries and dealers alike just seems to be going down and down.

No single strain out there can compare to the quality of growing your own homegrown top-shelf marijuana. The excitement is indefinable. It brings me so much joy to watch my little seeds turn into full budding beautiful ladies glistening with sparkling THC-rich resin, branches drooping with heavy eye-popping buds that are just aching to be picked & smoked. A lot of folk are afraid to get started because they feel getting started will be too much work, cost too much, be too difficult to learn, or a number of other valid concerns. The truth is, growing your own is not only easy, severely inexpensive, but it’s also a lot of fun!

I have seen people literally cry from accidentally ruining their crop in the precious final weeks of bud harvest. Imagine throwing away months of time as well as by chance destroying those costly exotic seeds. Fortunately, veteran cultivators like myself have gone through years and years of painful experience and ruined grow attempts to deduce what doesn’t work, and show you exactly what does.

The result? Incredible, high-quality sticky & frosty home-grown buds from the very first try. Never before has there been such a comprehensive resource today for interested & aspiring marihuana growers to go to that shows them how to not only stave off virtually every mistake they could possibly make, but goes well into the depth of what to do right for easily growing some unbelievable buds from their very first try! Saving them not only years of wasted trial & error effort, but lots and lots of money in the long run.

P.S. If you’re really serious about growing some mind-blowing marijuana at home check out the ultimate grow guide:

Grow Elite Marijuana – The Complete Guide

New strains at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

amsterdam marijuana seedsAmsterdam Marijuana Seeds, a high quality cannabis seed-bank in the heart of pot smoking Amsterdam, has developed a few new master strains that deserve a mention.

Top of the list is White Widow XRTM – a new version of the most popular coffe-shop strain White Widow. This super stain is like White Widow on steroids – it grows faster and delivers more potent bud and more of it. You could just call it White Widow Plus :).

Then there’s Medijuana, arguably the most potent marijuana strain in the world that weighs in at 25% THC content. Well now Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds have started to make available Medijuana feminized seeds for those who want to grow a large crop of the medical marijuana grade strain.

And then we have the ultimate Light of Jah, cloned from the famous Jack Herer strain, named after this cannabis legalisation pioneer. Not content with producing and making available Light of Jah feminized seeds, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds have now, after many years of breeding, come out with a Light of Jah auto feminised strain of seeds. Now you can grow and harvest Light of Jah in record time. Its autoflowering capabilities allow this strain to be harvested in as little as ten weeks after germination. Of course you can’t expaect such a larger harvest as regular Light of Jah which can take six months or more t=from start to finish. but that easily sorted by simply growing more Light of Jah plants and planting and harvesting them more often.

The same is true of that great Indica hybrid Le Fruit Defendu. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds have now produced an auto-flowering feminized version of this super strain called, simply. Le Fruit Defendu auto feminized seeds. Just like Light of Jah, Le Fruit Defendu can be harvested within 10 weeks of germinating thanks to the auto-flowering qualities – meaning that the strain begins to flower shortly into the vegetative stage and continues to flower and form buds right up to final harvest time, regarless of daylight / night cycles. This also means that you can do sample harvests of Le Fruit Defendu throughout its cycle for quality control ;).

Feminized marijuana seeds

white widow feminized seedsThe trade in weed seeds on the world wide web is a a multi million Euro business concern. Yes, that’s €, not $. The Euro is to weed seed commerce like  to a barrel of crude oil. It is the standard way of setting prices and judging the value of weed seeds from diverse breeds and cannabis seed banks.

There are tons of causes for this. Firstly, the majority of seed farmers and seed warehouses operate out of Netherlands where the selling and consumption of weed is within the law. The Netherlands, as well as its neighbours  accepted the EU currency the Euro way back in 2000. So the centre for tequila might be Mexico but the centre for weed seeds is Holland.

A few weed seed sellers in The Netherlands have been selling for many years. Take Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds as a case in point. This cannabis seed bank has been in the trade of supplying regular and feminized cannabis seeds for marijuana growers with  the best cannabis seeds ever made going on 25 years. A large cross section weed seed traders also sell special feminized cannabis seeds. A feminized marijuana seeds can only grow into a female cannabis plant that develops the buds loved for smoking.

What’s interesting to note is that if a person only uses feminized cannabis seeds the result will be that not a single male can grow. The female marijuana  will fail to be fertilized, and their flowers (buds) will be super powerful as an outcome. The negative side of growing only using feminized cannabis seeds is that the female marijuana plants that do mature won’t grow any seeds. So you’ll be required to buy another round of seeds to use for another crop in the future.

The variety of cannabis seeds procurable is amazing. Highly  horticulturists in The Netherlands are often joining top types to produce more powerful breeds that can mature faster, or produce thicker flowers, more potent buds, and so on. Most of the best cannabis seeds on the planet are being produced in The Netherlands and shared out all over the globe.

So how can a person be secure that the cannabis seeds in stock on the Internet are truly the best cannabis seeds or really feminized cannabis seeds? Your best bet is use long standing cannabis seed banks that enjoy a good repute. Pass by impermanent seed vendors no mater how fancy the sites. In place of getting the best cannabis seeds you could just be buying inferior seed.

White Widow feminzed

feminized marijuana seedsThe trade in Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds over the Internet is a estimated to be over a billion Euro commercial enterprise. You may have noticed I wrote euro, not $$. The euro is to marijuana seed commerce as the US dollar is to a barrel of oil. Euros are the standard way of setting prices and comparing marijuana seeds from different strains and cannabis seed banks. Also most marijuana seed sales are done through the Euro.

There are a host of reasons for this. Foremost, most seed breeders and seed stockists come from Netherlands where the selling and buying of weed is tolerated. Holland, as with its neighbouring countries (apart from England) took on the single currency the Euro starting in 2000. Think of it this way –  the world capital for vodka might be Russia but the world capital for marijuana seeds is Amsterdam.

A handful of marijuana seed breeders in Holland have been in existence a long time. Consider Sensi Seeds as a case in point. This cannabis seed bank has been in the trade of breeding cannabis seeds for weed cultivators with  the best cannabis seeds available for over 25 years. Many marijuana seed sellers also make available  feminized cannabis seeds. A feminized cannabis seed will only turn into a female cannabis plant that grows the buds sticky with resin loved for getting high on.

If a person solely uses feminized cannabis seeds the result will be that not a single male will develop. The female weed plants will be prevented from being fertilized, and their flowers (buds) will be super powerful as an effect. The negative side of cultivating solely using feminized cannabis seeds is that the female weed plants that develop will not bring forth any seeds. Hence you will be required to get another round of seeds to plant further batches afterwards.

The extent of cannabis seeds for sale is incredible. Serious plant geneticists in Holland are always combining the best types to create stronger strains that can develop quicker, or produce thicker flowers, stronger buds, etc. etc.. The majority of the best cannabis seeds on the planet, like the most popular marijuana seeds in the world, White Widow feminized seeds, are being produced in Holland and spread all about the world.

But how can one be assured that the cannabis seeds acquirable from a website are genuinely the best cannabis seeds or genuinely feminized cannabis seeds? It is better do business with reputable cannabis seed banks that already have a good reputation. Don’t bother with fly-by-night sellers despite how elaborate the web pages. Quite apart from getting the best cannabis seeds you could be spending your money on garbage.

New York Diesel

New York DieselWhy is this strain from the Big Apple so popular? maybe cause it deliver large quantities of great smoking exotic weed – tastes great and the effects are simply out of this world :D.

Usually grown indoors, this marijuana strain was taken to Amsterdam for improvement. Get New York Diesel marijuana seeds from the Capital of Cannabis and you’ll get a strain that delivers up to 20% more wicked bud per plant that the original New York Diesel back home.

Originally bred from Mexican Sativa and super Afghani strains,  New York Diesel is one of the most sought after marijuana seeds on the internet.

Winner of prestigious awards for super bud and exotic stones. New York Diesel remains a prime strain for indoor growing, especially in small grow rooms ’cause it stays low and bushy yielding more bud per plant than other popular strains (you’ll harvest 400 grams plus per plant).

Popular among experienced growers and first-timers alike, New York Diesel is bound to stay on top of the charts for many years to come.

Big Bud Rocks The World :)

big bud :DShe’s got big ones that’s for sure – big buds that is. So this Kween of Kanabis is named appropriately.

Yep, were taking about the amazing strain grown from Big Bud marijuana seeds. The buds can grow so big on this ever popular monster that you need sticks to support the branches so they won’t break from the growing weight.

Big Bud marijuana seeds are now available worldwide thanks to the Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds bank. These guys say ‘damn the topedos’ and send them to everyone and everywhere who wants to grow this green gold.

Giving a smooth potent smoke with a great long-lasting high, it’s hardly surprising that Big Bud is so popular among smokers and growers alike.

When you consider that Big Bud delivers an incredible 600+ grams per plant, just 5 females (out of a packet of 10) would result in some 3,000 grams of high quality smoking weed!  Yawser!

Big Bud marijuana seeds are now available worldwide from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds – I include a picture of their order taking secretary below 😀 Enjoy!

amsterdam marijuana seeds

Get Feminized – Why Amsterdam Girls are Best

legalize marijuanaI don’t care what anyone else says, Amsterdam is the koolest city in the world.

Not only are the girls hot hot hot, if you like weed you feel you are in heaven.

It was in Amsterdam that they perfected the technique of feminizing cannabis seeds.

Which means in real terms that when you plant these babes you only get girls. girls that smell good, taste great, and can send you to the moon!

One of the best cannabis seed banks in Amsterdam are called … guess what … Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. They say it like it is.

Some of the hotest feminized cannabis seeds come from this bank. These girls are smoking!!

By the way, some people, mainly from England, like to spell ‘feminized seeds’ as ‘feminised seeds’- although they still pronounce the s like a z.

Are they confused or just stubborn?

And how come the Americans dont spell it ‘feminized seedz’. No consistency.

amsterdam cannabis seedsBeing Welsh, I’m easy going.

Spell it any way you want.

In Welsh we spell it ‘hadau ffemineisd’ – but don’t let it put your knickers (panties) in a knot.

We’re also known for our liberal attitudes towards all sorts of things like drugs and sex :D.

Life is short right? Why waste it being all uptight and intolerant?

OK, I’ll get off my soapbox and give you what you really want 🙂 – links to some of the best feminized cannabis seeds and strains in the world available right here in the Weed capital Amsterdam (or on-line of course ;-))

Here’s the master list of feminized cannabis seeds from the top of the seed bank heap Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds:

Take your time going through them. enjoy the pictures, imagine the aroma, the effects. you could get high just checking out htese links.


Afghan Feminized
Big Black Indica Feminized
Bob Marley Sativa Feminized
California Dream Feminized
Cheese Feminized
Crystal Rain Feminized
Haze Feminized
Le Fruit Defendu Feminized
Light of Jah Feminized
Lowryder Feminized
New Super Silver Haze Feminized
New York Diesel Feminized
Northern Lights Feminized
Strawberry Ice Feminized
Supernova Feminized
Waikiki Queen Feminized
White Queen Feminized
White Widow Feminized

All those girls above produce some awesome marijuana whether you are growing indoors and or outdoors. Unlike most seeds banks in Holland, all these feminised cannabis seeds can be shipped discretely to the USA. these guys have no fear!

Talk to you later guys.