Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

amsterdam marijuana seeds girlAmsterdam Marijuana Seeds situated in Cardigan, Wales (just kidding 😀 – it’s in Amsterdam) is one of the longest standing and highly respected cannabis seed banks in the world.

With a reputation for creating some of the most potent cannabis seed strains anywhere it’s easy to understand why they are so popular and a favorite among professional cannabis growers.

Most importantly you can purchase from their seed bank on-line and always be sure of top-quality fresh seeds delivered discretely to your door usually within 24 hours – unlike a lot of rip-off shacks out there who will send you old dud seeds, the wrong strains, or nothing at all.

It’s nice to know there are some quality seed banks out there that you can rely on and Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is one of them – we know from personal experience.

So here’s the updated (as of 13 December 2010) list of all the seed strains they have to offer. They don’t sell any mediocre strains – just the outstanding ones. So you can make a bad choice.

Check ’em out guys!

Super Skunk

Skunk red Hair

Purple power

Northern Lights X Master Kush

Northern Lights

Master Kush


Light of Jah

Le Fruit Defendu


First Girl

Early Misty

Dutch Dope

Durban Poison




Northern Lights X Big Bud

California Skunk

Big Bud

Aussie Blues


New additions
Yoroba Nigeria

Waikiki Queen


Thai X Skunk



Strawberry Ice

Skunk Special

Shiva Shanti

Pride of Amsterdam



Lemon Ice

Hindi Kush

Hawaii Skunk

Ganeshas Dream


California Dream

Big Black Indica

Amsterdam Indica

New York Diesel

White Queen

Crystal Rain

Bob Marley Sativa

If you can’t find the best cannabis seeds in this list then it means that you aren’t really that serious or knowledgeable about growing cannabis. Sorry – just the brutal truth!