Caramelicious auto-fem

caramelicious auto-fem seedsFirst there was the magnificent Caramelicious with thick sticky buds that smelled like heaven and had a delicious caramel flavour when smoked – not to mention the soaring long lasting high!

Then Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds created and made available Caramelicious autoflowering feminized seeds – or Caramelicious auto-fem for short 🙂 .

Where’s what the esteemed cannabis seed bank, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, has itself to say about Caramelicious:

This delicious variety with BIG fat sticky buds and sweet caramel flavor is our favorite after dinner smoke.
Caramelicious has been bred for the last 15 years with great success and happiness.
This indica/sativa hybrid is crossed back and selected on her sweet taste and great yield.

A beautiful plant loads of crystals sweet taste and a happy high.

This plant is easy to grow – good for beginners.

Great for both growing indoors and outdoors, Caramelicious auto-fem seeds can be ‘sample- harvested’ throughout its growth cycle to ensure quality – and keep the buzz going on 😀 .


New strains at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

amsterdam marijuana seedsAmsterdam Marijuana Seeds, a high quality cannabis seed-bank in the heart of pot smoking Amsterdam, has developed a few new master strains that deserve a mention.

Top of the list is White Widow XRTM – a new version of the most popular coffe-shop strain White Widow. This super stain is like White Widow on steroids – it grows faster and delivers more potent bud and more of it. You could just call it White Widow Plus :).

Then there’s Medijuana, arguably the most potent marijuana strain in the world that weighs in at 25% THC content. Well now Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds have started to make available Medijuana feminized seeds for those who want to grow a large crop of the medical marijuana grade strain.

And then we have the ultimate Light of Jah, cloned from the famous Jack Herer strain, named after this cannabis legalisation pioneer. Not content with producing and making available Light of Jah feminized seeds, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds have now, after many years of breeding, come out with a Light of Jah auto feminised strain of seeds. Now you can grow and harvest Light of Jah in record time. Its autoflowering capabilities allow this strain to be harvested in as little as ten weeks after germination. Of course you can’t expaect such a larger harvest as regular Light of Jah which can take six months or more t=from start to finish. but that easily sorted by simply growing more Light of Jah plants and planting and harvesting them more often.

The same is true of that great Indica hybrid Le Fruit Defendu. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds have now produced an auto-flowering feminized version of this super strain called, simply. Le Fruit Defendu auto feminized seeds. Just like Light of Jah, Le Fruit Defendu can be harvested within 10 weeks of germinating thanks to the auto-flowering qualities – meaning that the strain begins to flower shortly into the vegetative stage and continues to flower and form buds right up to final harvest time, regarless of daylight / night cycles. This also means that you can do sample harvests of Le Fruit Defendu throughout its cycle for quality control ;).

Royal Queen feminized and autoflowering seeds

Royal Queen Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds is one of the top European marijuana seed breeders, and well on its way to becoming a leader worldwide. Based in the Netherlands, they pride themselves on providing high quality feminized seeds at an affordable price.

The new line of Royal Queen Seeds is the product of 20 years of growing experience, and seeds are created only from powerful strains like Haze or white species.

Quality is guaranteed by the rigorous practices of the Royal Queen Seeds team: all seeds come from organic mothers, are hand-picked, are tested for genetic purity, and tested daily for ‘germinating strength’.

Quality is maintained right through the order process, as all seeds are vacuum-packed, and sent in strong resistant packaging, to ensure the seed arrives in perfect condition to your door.

Below are their feminized strains. Click on a link for more information and how to order.

Amnesia Haze

Blue Mistic


Fruit Spirit

Haze Berry


Kali Dog

Northern Light

O G Kush

Power Flower

Royal Caramel

Royal Cheese

Shining Silver Haze

White Widow
– – –

Royal Queen Auto-flowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds is amongst the top rapidly-growing marijuana seeds breeders in Europe and hopes to become worldwide market leader within a few years.

Royal queen is a specialized marijuana seed bank created by top breeders in the Netherlands.

Best known for their auto-flowering varieties, Royal Queen marijuana seed-bank creates automatic strains from some of the top strains available.

There are many advantages to using auto-flowering seed strains. Due to their rapid life cycle between 55 and 70 days, they can be grown outdoors where the summer growing season is relatively short.

Royal Queen prides itself in providing top quality marijuana seeds where the seeds are all selected by hand to ensure only healthy ones get passed on the grower. The seeds are tested often for their ability to germinate.

Below is a selection of their auto-flowering feminied strains. Click on the picture for more information and how to order.

All new automatic breeds are created only using the most robust and healthy specimens ensuring high quality seeds. These seeds are then vacuum packed to ensure safe arrival to you, the grower.

Click the link to see the full range of Royal Queen Auto-flowering feminized seeds available

Lowryder feminised cannabis seeds

Lowryder is the guerrilla grower’s cannabis seeds of choice.

A crossbreed between Indica and  Ruderalis it flowers all the time. In essence, it starts flowering just after germination regardless of time of year.

This auto-flowering cannabis strain stays short only growing between 30 to 50 cm tall. Lowryder is perfect for outdoor growing in areas where the need for invisibility from cannabis thieves is essential.

Producing buds for six to seven weeks. Lowryder can be harvested around 2 months after planting.

Each Lowryder will grow approx. one-third of a pound of pleasant smoking and strong Indica bud producing a stoney buzz on as is usual of high-class Indica.

Considered one of the easiest cannabis strains to grow anywhere.

Fast autoflowering cannabis seed strains

single autoflowering cannabis seeds feminisedFast auto-flowering feminised cannabis seeds are all the rage now. You can buy a single auto-flowering feminised seed and be harvesting 300+ grams of killer weed in as little as 55 days – grown in your closet wit a single grow lamp.

It has never been easier for a dude (or dudess) with limited space and money to have loads of awesome pot to smoke, give away or sell at their disposal. A few bucks, a closet and two months and you’re off to a flying start.

You can get a single auto-flowering feminised seeds direct from London for under £5, When you consider that in two short months that £5 investment will grow into a £3,000+ bounty of great smoking marijuana you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize this is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

For the best deals on Planet Earth for single auto-flowering feminised cannabis seeds that are potent, fast and deliver shit-loads of wicked weed, Royal Queen has been set up to deliver the goods.

Here’s a complete link list of their current Single Autoflowering Feminised Seeds:

Quick One autoflowering feminised

Royal automatic feminised

Haze automatic feminised

Critical automatic feminised

Dwarf automatic feminised

Northern Lights automatic feminised

AK47 automatic feminised

Bluematic automatic feminised

By the way, Automatic = Autoflowering. Auto-flowering means that it starts to flower, produce buds, a week of two after initial growth and keeps flowering through its life cycle regardless of light/dark cycles.

This means you can keep these suckers under grow lamps for up to 18 hours a day to achieve maximum growth and harvests. Regular marijuana requires that the light/dark cycle be reduced to at least 12/12 before the plants will even begin to flower. You’re looking at 4 to 6 months for most cannabis varieties before being ready to harvest.