Caramelicious auto-fem

caramelicious auto-fem seedsFirst there was the magnificent Caramelicious with thick sticky buds that smelled like heaven and had a delicious caramel flavour when smoked – not to mention the soaring long lasting high!

Then Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds created and made available Caramelicious autoflowering feminized seeds – or Caramelicious auto-fem for short 🙂 .

Where’s what the esteemed cannabis seed bank, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, has itself to say about Caramelicious:

This delicious variety with BIG fat sticky buds and sweet caramel flavor is our favorite after dinner smoke.
Caramelicious has been bred for the last 15 years with great success and happiness.
This indica/sativa hybrid is crossed back and selected on her sweet taste and great yield.

A beautiful plant loads of crystals sweet taste and a happy high.

This plant is easy to grow – good for beginners.

Great for both growing indoors and outdoors, Caramelicious auto-fem seeds can be ‘sample- harvested’ throughout its growth cycle to ensure quality – and keep the buzz going on 😀 .


Greenhouse Seed Co. Feminised Seeds

Greenhouse-Seed-Co.-logoThe Green House Seed Company has the reputation of being the “the best cannabis seed bank in the world”.

Set-up in Amsterdam in eighties, the Green House Seed Co. have since earned a lot of awards with manager Arjan being recognised as ‘Top Dog Cannabis seeds’ for all the awards won.

Collating genetics and indigenous vitieties for over 20+ years, all Green House Seed Company seeds are the result of selective breeding.

Green House Seed Company have done extensive research into terpenes – the chemical substances responsible for the flavour and smell and effects of types of marijuana strains – and each of the strains produced by the Greenhouse Seed Co.  has a unique DNA profile resu;ting in a distinctive flavour and aroma.

All Green House Seed Co. strains are feminized seeds, and all have potent medicinal qualities, as well as being suitable for recreational use.

Here is just a sample of Greenhouse Seed Co. varieties now available:

New strains at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

amsterdam marijuana seedsAmsterdam Marijuana Seeds, a high quality cannabis seed-bank in the heart of pot smoking Amsterdam, has developed a few new master strains that deserve a mention.

Top of the list is White Widow XRTM – a new version of the most popular coffe-shop strain White Widow. This super stain is like White Widow on steroids – it grows faster and delivers more potent bud and more of it. You could just call it White Widow Plus :).

Then there’s Medijuana, arguably the most potent marijuana strain in the world that weighs in at 25% THC content. Well now Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds have started to make available Medijuana feminized seeds for those who want to grow a large crop of the medical marijuana grade strain.

And then we have the ultimate Light of Jah, cloned from the famous Jack Herer strain, named after this cannabis legalisation pioneer. Not content with producing and making available Light of Jah feminized seeds, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds have now, after many years of breeding, come out with a Light of Jah auto feminised strain of seeds. Now you can grow and harvest Light of Jah in record time. Its autoflowering capabilities allow this strain to be harvested in as little as ten weeks after germination. Of course you can’t expaect such a larger harvest as regular Light of Jah which can take six months or more t=from start to finish. but that easily sorted by simply growing more Light of Jah plants and planting and harvesting them more often.

The same is true of that great Indica hybrid Le Fruit Defendu. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds have now produced an auto-flowering feminized version of this super strain called, simply. Le Fruit Defendu auto feminized seeds. Just like Light of Jah, Le Fruit Defendu can be harvested within 10 weeks of germinating thanks to the auto-flowering qualities – meaning that the strain begins to flower shortly into the vegetative stage and continues to flower and form buds right up to final harvest time, regarless of daylight / night cycles. This also means that you can do sample harvests of Le Fruit Defendu throughout its cycle for quality control ;).

Cultivating cannabis outdoors in the British Isles

best cannabis seeds for outdoorsBecause of the wide array of adaptability of marijuana, different types have been bred to be cultivated optimally in climates world over.

Thanks to the techniques and dedication of geneticists, there are now a wide range of marijuana strains suited for outdoor cultivation in all kinds of climates including the short damp summers of the UK.

Developing cannabis outdoors is of course the simplest growing method because there’s no need to mess with grow room set-up. If you pick the proper variety of cannabis then you are assured of a great crop grown in its natural surroundings – outdoors and in sunlight – especially in UK and Ireland.

The cannabis seed types from many high performing cannabis seed-banks in Holland are sorted into classifications based on the climate well matched for the cannabis strains to reach its highest budding ability, and completely achieve its inherent potential.

Selecting the most suitable types will depend upon whether your area has a sunny, temperate, or cold climate`growing season. Early Queen is a good selection to be cultivated outdoors in a temperate environment Indica and Sativa strains are dependent on the day length flower, while the Ruderalis genotype cultivates varieties like Lowryder that bud when they reach a specified age.

These varieties are labelled autoflowering varieties, and are advantageous for brief growing seasons that could not normally permit marijuana to achieve full maturation, and lengthy summers in which case two crops may be possible in the same ground apart from the usual single harvest.

Ruderalis originates from the northern regions of USSR and enjoys a natural low THC content.

Indica varieties come from the Himalaya region and other mountainous areas in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The THC and CBD content of Indica types changes very little`not much among the types.

Sativa is a tropical cannabis variety. Sativa marijuana varieties grow in a completely different environment, native to equatorial and tropical locations, and enjoy a high percentage of THC.

Hence, a bright or Mediterranean climate with lengthy growing season is mostly suitable for outdoor growing of the vast majority of marijuana varieties. This climate includes virtually all of equatorial regions and many places occasionally, even around sixty degrees latitude.

Also, for outside cultivation in locations with a temperate climate and average summers, the types Early Pearl, Holland’s Hope and Early Skunk are excellent picks.

There are various regions in the north below 50º that enjoy this climate, and many locations below forty-five degrees latitude enjoy mild seasons.

According to this information, it can simply be sussed which marijuana strains are best suited for outdoor growing based on the growing season of a certain location.

Best Marijuana Strains for Outdoor UK and Ireland

skunk red hair cannabis

Despite laws prohibiting it, it’s clear that a lot of people are growing some amazing marijuana in the UK, Ireland and Northwestern Europe.

Growing cannabis in the British Isles comes with some careful considerations when it comes to selecting cannabis seed strains.

Known for its often cool, short and damp summers, along with heavy rains coming in by mid September on, you growers in the UK need a strain that grows fast and is resistant to mould.

First off, forget using a Sativa variety. These tropical plants can grow so large they can be spotted from the adjacent mountain (yeh, I live in Wales :-)). On top of that, being used to long growing seasons they won’t be ready in time and will often get contaminated by mould, destroying the whole crop, before it’s even time to harvest.

If you’ve ever suffered a mould attack you know what I’m talking about :(. If you haven’t, consider yourself lucky and stay away from the pure Sativa strains. If you simply must grow Sativa do it indoors or a greenhouse – at least in the UK and Ireland.

A great mould-resistant variety is Early Queen, a fast growing variety that delivers large harvests of awesome bud in an incredibly short flowering cycle of 7 weeks making Early queen a great variety for impatient people like me  ;).

You can go for a pure Indica like Amsterdam Indica which should be a suitable marijuana strain for the UK but only if you like the sleepy narcotic-like effects that pure Indicas deliver. If you want the soaring highs of Sativa then go for a specially bred hybrid where you get the best of both worlds – great energetic highs from a plant that stays low with a heavy harvest of super dense Indica-like bud, and grows quickly enough with a short flowering cycle so you can harvest early, say in the first week of September.

Sounds to good to be true? It’s not – if you select the right strain.

Cannabis Seeds UK has out together a awesome list of the best cannabis strains for the UK and Ireland. Check it out here:

Best Outdoor Marijuana Strains for UK and Ireland

The list isn’t exhaustive, but any of those strains listed should do exceptionally well in the British Isles climate and growing season.

purple power cannabis seedsOne of the most popular outdoor strains grown in the UK is Early Pearl. This robust hybrid has been reported to do very well there bring in the bounty harvest in record time.

No wonder this strain is becoming so popular in the UK. It’s not a super expensive strain and delivers predictably large harvests of great smoking bud. What more do you want? (Apart from the liberalization of cannabis laws).

The most important thing to remember if you want to grow a great harvest this year is to DO something, now. Stop thinking about while the time to start germinating those seeds slowly slip by.

Best wishes to all my fellow gardeners. Hoping for a great marijuana growing season in the UK & Ireland :D.

White Widow feminzed

feminized marijuana seedsThe trade in Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds over the Internet is a estimated to be over a billion Euro commercial enterprise. You may have noticed I wrote euro, not $$. The euro is to marijuana seed commerce as the US dollar is to a barrel of oil. Euros are the standard way of setting prices and comparing marijuana seeds from different strains and cannabis seed banks. Also most marijuana seed sales are done through the Euro.

There are a host of reasons for this. Foremost, most seed breeders and seed stockists come from Netherlands where the selling and buying of weed is tolerated. Holland, as with its neighbouring countries (apart from England) took on the single currency the Euro starting in 2000. Think of it this way –  the world capital for vodka might be Russia but the world capital for marijuana seeds is Amsterdam.

A handful of marijuana seed breeders in Holland have been in existence a long time. Consider Sensi Seeds as a case in point. This cannabis seed bank has been in the trade of breeding cannabis seeds for weed cultivators with  the best cannabis seeds available for over 25 years. Many marijuana seed sellers also make available  feminized cannabis seeds. A feminized cannabis seed will only turn into a female cannabis plant that grows the buds sticky with resin loved for getting high on.

If a person solely uses feminized cannabis seeds the result will be that not a single male will develop. The female weed plants will be prevented from being fertilized, and their flowers (buds) will be super powerful as an effect. The negative side of cultivating solely using feminized cannabis seeds is that the female weed plants that develop will not bring forth any seeds. Hence you will be required to get another round of seeds to plant further batches afterwards.

The extent of cannabis seeds for sale is incredible. Serious plant geneticists in Holland are always combining the best types to create stronger strains that can develop quicker, or produce thicker flowers, stronger buds, etc. etc.. The majority of the best cannabis seeds on the planet, like the most popular marijuana seeds in the world, White Widow feminized seeds, are being produced in Holland and spread all about the world.

But how can one be assured that the cannabis seeds acquirable from a website are genuinely the best cannabis seeds or genuinely feminized cannabis seeds? It is better do business with reputable cannabis seed banks that already have a good reputation. Don’t bother with fly-by-night sellers despite how elaborate the web pages. Quite apart from getting the best cannabis seeds you could be spending your money on garbage.

Sensi Seeds feminised

How Sensi Seeds make the best feminised canabis seeds

feminised cannbis seeds sensi seedsSensi Seeds premium cannabis seeds bank serving Europe has done a make-over of its site and updated it feminised cannabis seeds catalogue.
Out with the old and in with the new, Sensi Seeds have eliminated marijuana seed strains of lesser quality and brought on some new fantastic super cannabis strains in feminised seed form.

Sensi Seeds just go from strength to strength and are holding strong against new upstart cannabis seed banks in the Netherlands , many of whom breed Sensi Seed strains and give them new names. If you want the best cannabis seeds, and especially the best feminised cannabis seeds, go to the original cannabis seed bank in Europe, Sensi Seeds, who have been delivering quality cannabis seeds for top growers going on over two decades now.

Whether you are just starting out with growing cannabis indoors or outdoors, or you are an experienced marijuana breeder with many years of experience behind you, you will find the perfect cannabis seeds at Sensi Seeds to suit your needs. Feminised cannabis seeds make the ideal choice who don’t want the hassle of checking for males and trying to sex the cannabis plants before pollen contamination takes place.

Remember, female cannabis plants, deprived of pollen, grow larger stickier buds with more resin, taste, and potency – the kind of weed people love to smoke. So why take a chance with regular cannabis seeds when you can simply select the best feminised cannabis seeds from Sensi Seeds and be assured of growing top quality female plants every time.

Below is the list of feminised Sensi Seeds cannabis seeds. There is not an overwhelming variety of strains because at Sensi Seeds they believe in just concentrating ofn the best feminised seeds and not getting all hot and bothered about an over-abundance of choice.

Sensi Seeds feminised seeds

Big Bud
Silver Haze #9
Jack Flash #5
Skunk #1
Shiva Skunk
Early Skunk
Northern Lights #5 X Haze

You really cant go wrong with any of these feminised seeds from Sensi Seeds. There is something for everyone whether you are looking for a soaring high of Sativa, the mellow buzz of an Indica, the balanced effect of a good hybrid, large yields, great taste and smell, or simply medical-grade potency. Sensi Seeds develop the best feminised seeds to suit all tastes.

Fast autoflowering cannabis seed strains

single autoflowering cannabis seeds feminisedFast auto-flowering feminised cannabis seeds are all the rage now. You can buy a single auto-flowering feminised seed and be harvesting 300+ grams of killer weed in as little as 55 days – grown in your closet wit a single grow lamp.

It has never been easier for a dude (or dudess) with limited space and money to have loads of awesome pot to smoke, give away or sell at their disposal. A few bucks, a closet and two months and you’re off to a flying start.

You can get a single auto-flowering feminised seeds direct from London for under £5, When you consider that in two short months that £5 investment will grow into a £3,000+ bounty of great smoking marijuana you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize this is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

For the best deals on Planet Earth for single auto-flowering feminised cannabis seeds that are potent, fast and deliver shit-loads of wicked weed, Royal Queen has been set up to deliver the goods.

Here’s a complete link list of their current Single Autoflowering Feminised Seeds:

Quick One autoflowering feminised

Royal automatic feminised

Haze automatic feminised

Critical automatic feminised

Dwarf automatic feminised

Northern Lights automatic feminised

AK47 automatic feminised

Bluematic automatic feminised

By the way, Automatic = Autoflowering. Auto-flowering means that it starts to flower, produce buds, a week of two after initial growth and keeps flowering through its life cycle regardless of light/dark cycles.

This means you can keep these suckers under grow lamps for up to 18 hours a day to achieve maximum growth and harvests. Regular marijuana requires that the light/dark cycle be reduced to at least 12/12 before the plants will even begin to flower. You’re looking at 4 to 6 months for most cannabis varieties before being ready to harvest.

Best indoor cannabis strains

OK, here’s my take on the top three best indoor cannabis strains.

Although I can’t assume that every cannabis connoisseur and professional or hobby indoor marijuana grower is going to agree with me (everyone has their favourite don’t they), I am confident to state that everyone will agree that these are all near the tyop of the pyramid of great cannbis seed strains for growing indoors.

I’ll post more top indoor cannabis seed strains later.

– – –

White Widow

OK, sue me for being predictable but White Widow is the ultimate indoor cannabis strain. I mean, who can argue with that?

Consistently voted Number 1 favourite smoke in Amsterdam coffee houses, this gem of a ‘white strain’ has the perfect balanced stone, giving you that lift you and I need after a long day in the salt mines while at the same time not not forcing us to climb the walls or feel the need to run around the block a dozen times.

White Widow weed, a nice glass of vino, lying on a rug in front of a roaring fire, and you sexy partner by your side … OK it doesn’t hurt to fantasise ;).

But as an indoor growing strain White Widow seeds make a great investment. This is a predictable and robust strain that produces those glorious ‘white’ flowers (basically buds sticky with resin and sparking with whitish crystals of virtually pure THC :D).

Anybody who doesn’t adore this strain needs their heads screwed on as far as I’m concerned. It’s only problem is that it might be too powerful for some folks – beginners basically. But that’s OK, You can graduate to smoking White Widow with practice and patience.

So that’s the top of my list, but there are other strains with some interesting characteristics like auto-flowering. Auto-flowering cannabis develops buds throughout its life cycle regardless of light dark cycles. That means, of course, that as the plant is growing you can do ‘sample harvests’ to check on quality, get a good buzz on, and fantasise about your final harvests :).

– – –

Top of the list of indoor auto-flowering cannabis strains has got to be Easy Rider.

easy rider cannabis

Easy Rider auto-flowering

Easy Rider is possibly one of the easiest and predictable marijuana strains to grow indoors.

Additionally its one of the fastest developing inoor cannabis varieties in the world. It’s a 9 week seed to harvest strain. Nine little weeks. And the flowering cycle lkasts foor 6 weeks.

So you do the math. OK, I’ll do it then. You plant an Easy Rider cannabis seeds and with three short weeks its big enough to start growing buds. Another six weeks of growing and developing big buds it’s ready to harvest.

Best of all the buds are great tasting, with a killer THC content of around 20%, and when you smoke some this weed it zaps you with a happy soaring sativa high.

Heck, you could even make new friends smoking this stuff – it;s so good.

Can’t wait to start my next batch of Easy Rider auto-flowering  (make sure it’s auto-flowering).

– – –

purpla bud sayiva cannabis

Purple Bud

Purple Bud – this is one sweet starin. You do like the ‘purple strain; cannabis don’t you? Great smell, great taste, great high – great cannabis! (I think I’ve ade y point.

Purple Bud orginates from the west Coast of North America but don’t hold that against it. The good folks in Holland got their green hands on it and sorted this strain out making it a primo consideration for indoor gardeners.

Don’t tell anyone but I’ growing an indoor crop of Purple Bud as I type. Their still in their first two weeks getting established but man t=do these sucjers grow fast and strong.

I can just stand there and watch them grow minute by minute. Or maybe I’ve smoked to much  ;).

Seriously this is one tidy strain that grows well and produces huge crops of dynamite purple bud – you know, gorgeous smell, awesome taste and buzz … no matter how much you abuse or neglect this strain … I should know ;).

Purple Bud is the cannabis seed strain for the people who smoke a lot of dope and are known to be disorganised and forgetfull. No wonder this is one of my favs.

But trust me, even if you are diligence and mindful, you will still be blown away how this powerful purple strain delivers the goods.





New York Diesel

New York DieselWhy is this strain from the Big Apple so popular? maybe cause it deliver large quantities of great smoking exotic weed – tastes great and the effects are simply out of this world :D.

Usually grown indoors, this marijuana strain was taken to Amsterdam for improvement. Get New York Diesel marijuana seeds from the Capital of Cannabis and you’ll get a strain that delivers up to 20% more wicked bud per plant that the original New York Diesel back home.

Originally bred from Mexican Sativa and super Afghani strains,  New York Diesel is one of the most sought after marijuana seeds on the internet.

Winner of prestigious awards for super bud and exotic stones. New York Diesel remains a prime strain for indoor growing, especially in small grow rooms ’cause it stays low and bushy yielding more bud per plant than other popular strains (you’ll harvest 400 grams plus per plant).

Popular among experienced growers and first-timers alike, New York Diesel is bound to stay on top of the charts for many years to come.