Greenhouse Seed Co. Feminised Seeds

Greenhouse-Seed-Co.-logoThe Green House Seed Company has the reputation of being the “the best cannabis seed bank in the world”.

Set-up in Amsterdam in eighties, the Green House Seed Co. have since earned a lot of awards with manager Arjan being recognised as ‘Top Dog Cannabis seeds’ for all the awards won.

Collating genetics and indigenous vitieties for over 20+ years, all Green House Seed Company seeds are the result of selective breeding.

Green House Seed Company have done extensive research into terpenes – the chemical substances responsible for the flavour and smell and effects of types of marijuana strains – and each of the strains produced by the Greenhouse Seed Co.  has a unique DNA profile resu;ting in a distinctive flavour and aroma.

All Green House Seed Co. strains are feminized seeds, and all have potent medicinal qualities, as well as being suitable for recreational use.

Here is just a sample of Greenhouse Seed Co. varieties now available: