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Big Bud feminized seeds

big bud feminized seedsAt long last Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds have created and now making available Big Bud feminized seeds.

A long favourite of indoor commercial growers, Big Bud marijuana is a Super Skunk and Afghan cross that lives up to its name.

But don’t take our word for it, here’s the official Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds description:

Big Bud takes a while before she flowers but the pay out is worth the wait! A must for the grower with high ambitious and great intentions. Big Bud is well know for its massive buds with very few leaves and legendary yield. No other plant produces more than Big Bud.

Big Bud had been product of years of development and refining starting in the USA and later back in Amsterdam. It`s unique flavour and THC qualities are well known all around the world, and is still in huge demand.

Big Bud is a type of cannabis created by crossing Skunk and Afghan. That makes it easy to grow and it is a very strong plant resistant to almost anything.

Growing your own Big Bud is quite easy although sometimes Big Bud will require some extra attention, but the outcome will be extra large,  Big Bid will produce more than any other marijuana plant in the same space. Usually the lower branches collapse under the weight of the buds. The smoke is smooth and the high is very strong. The flavour resembles garlic and spices.

Big Bud is world famous and a must for marijuana growers. Huge yields and very potent buzz, that`s Big Bud.

With every order of Big Bud feminized seeds, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is also giving away for free 5 feminized seeds. Currently the 5 free feminized seeds give-away is Cheese feminized seeds.

This is definitely a marijuana seed deal you don’t to let you pass by. Big Bud marijuana is primarily an indoor strain that can be grown any time of year.

With a 9 week flowering cycle Big Bud feminized seeds can deliver a massive harvest of up to 600 grams per square meter of dense high THC (25%) bud with a great taste and a long smooth body buzz stone. Wicked! 😀


Germinating cannabis seeds with the soil technique

germinating cannabis seedsMany people wrongly believe that to germinate cannabis seeds in soil is not a valid technique.

However, if one intends to continue using soil as a medium, there is no reason for germinating in soil to be unsuitable, and there are various reasons which make it very suitable indeed.

The advantages of this method are numerous. Firstly, there is far less risk of damaging the fragile tap-root and the many tiny hairs that cover its surface.

Secondly, the phenomenon known as gravitropism can begin at once, which is impossible when germinating on a saucer or in a glass.

Gravitropism is the response to gravity shared by all higher plants, which causes the roots to grow downwards and the stems to grow up.

Some growers that use this technique will soak the for 12 hours in room-temperature water prior to planting them in the soil; this softens and hydrates the outer husk, allowing for more rapid germination.

Many growers also sterilise the soil prior to planting the seeds: this can be achieved by heating the soil to 200°C in an oven or microwave for around 20 minutes (2 minutes in a microwave on full power).

This step will ensure that no fungal spores or other potentially-harmful micro-organisms are present to threaten the health of the fragile seedling.

The sterilised soil must then be thoroughly moistened, preferably with distilled water, and placed into small pots (preferably no larger than 5cm deep), one pot per seed. Create a small hole around 2cm deep for the seed to rest.

Once the soil and the cannabis seeds are prepared and ready, simply place the seeds into the hole you have created in the soil, and gently cover it over with a small amount of soil.

Keep the pots in a warm place, preferably one that is not too dry so that the soil does not dry out too quickly.

It is fine to leave the seeds in darkness until shoots emerge from the soil, at which point placing the pots under a grow light is advisable.

1. A variety that I recommend for culturing your seeds in soil is with regular Big Bud (because of the Indica genes) cannabis seeds. The Plants are easy to grow and have given some good results.

Why growing marijuana indoors is better

amsterdam marijunana seedsIt seems like more and more folk are growing their own ganja these days. Not only is there a growth of hydroponics stores and ‘how to grow’ websites, the quality of the marijuana accessible on the streets and amongst users’ communities has altered over the past decade or so from commercialized hash and low grade green to dope of the highest quality.

There are several good reasons to grow  marijuana indoors. Not least of these is the financial angle. You don’t need to be a maths mastermind to work out that after your initial outlay on equipment and seeds, growing your own at home will be considerably cheaper than buying from a dealer or even from so-called buddies. If you are a serious-minded user this can work out to the saving of a small treasure.

Another great reason to grow your own marijuana is that you know exactly where it has come from, and more importantly, how it was grown. Quality is a very important consideration to the dedicated smoker. You choose your own strain and know what you are going to get. When you grow your own there are no more hurried parking lot transactions that, when you get home, transpire to have been for inferior quality goods. Now you can buy top-quality seeds from some awesome strains right on the Internet such as Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds where they supply classics like Lowryder and Master Kush

Growing your own cannabis is also great fun. Even without the bonus of a regular supply of your favourite smoke, the art of growing is tremendously interesting. Like all good hobbies it takes minutes to learn but a long time to master. There’s always something novel to learn, different techniques and methods to try or new exotic strains to sample.

But perhaps the chief reason for people to grow their own weed is that it removes the power and the money from criminals. Whatever your own view is on legalization, if you live in a country or province where possession of ganja is illegal, then buying pot on the black-market not only bankrolls criminal gangs; it forces people who may in all other aspects of their lives be wonderfully law abiding citizens, to consort with criminal elements. This also exposes people to harder drugs and increases the risk of getting caught. Even if you normally buy your weed from a friend, unless it is home grown on a domestic scale, then somewhere along the line someone is dealing with organised criminal gangs who have only one thing on their minds; profits, NOT quality. Each day the bud quality from dispensaries and dealers alike just seems to be going down and down.

No single strain out there can compare to the quality of growing your own homegrown top-shelf marijuana. The excitement is indefinable. It brings me so much joy to watch my little seeds turn into full budding beautiful ladies glistening with sparkling THC-rich resin, branches drooping with heavy eye-popping buds that are just aching to be picked & smoked. A lot of folk are afraid to get started because they feel getting started will be too much work, cost too much, be too difficult to learn, or a number of other valid concerns. The truth is, growing your own is not only easy, severely inexpensive, but it’s also a lot of fun!

I have seen people literally cry from accidentally ruining their crop in the precious final weeks of bud harvest. Imagine throwing away months of time as well as by chance destroying those costly exotic seeds. Fortunately, veteran cultivators like myself have gone through years and years of painful experience and ruined grow attempts to deduce what doesn’t work, and show you exactly what does.

The result? Incredible, high-quality sticky & frosty home-grown buds from the very first try. Never before has there been such a comprehensive resource today for interested & aspiring marihuana growers to go to that shows them how to not only stave off virtually every mistake they could possibly make, but goes well into the depth of what to do right for easily growing some unbelievable buds from their very first try! Saving them not only years of wasted trial & error effort, but lots and lots of money in the long run.

P.S. If you’re really serious about growing some mind-blowing marijuana at home check out the ultimate grow guide:

Grow Elite Marijuana – The Complete Guide

Dutch Passion cannabis seeds still going strong

Dutch Passion seedsDutch Passion are one of the longest serving cannabis seed banks anywhere, set up as a marijuana seed bank in 1987, but creating cannabis seeds since the 70′s.

Dutch Passion are known for their high grade cannabis DNA and their knowledge and technical expertise in breeding.

Feminized seedsare now super popular among cannabis growers on planet Earth  – developed by Dutch Passion in the 1990′s and the Dutch Passion breeders went on to create what are now among the most popular strains in the world today – strains like the famous Blueberry, Strawberry Cough, California Orange, Dutch Haze, Passion #1, Power Plant, White Widow, Super Haze and Ultra Skunk …. the list goes on.

What this means is that their collection of feminised seeds is second to none, and many other seed-banks who breed own types of feminised strains, base them on original Dutch Passion genetics.

When growing feminised marijuana seeds, best to buy than the seeds of Dutch Passion. Linked above are are the most popular Dutch Passion feminized varieties.

New strains at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

amsterdam marijuana seedsAmsterdam Marijuana Seeds, a high quality cannabis seed-bank in the heart of pot smoking Amsterdam, has developed a few new master strains that deserve a mention.

Top of the list is White Widow XRTM – a new version of the most popular coffe-shop strain White Widow. This super stain is like White Widow on steroids – it grows faster and delivers more potent bud and more of it. You could just call it White Widow Plus :).

Then there’s Medijuana, arguably the most potent marijuana strain in the world that weighs in at 25% THC content. Well now Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds have started to make available Medijuana feminized seeds for those who want to grow a large crop of the medical marijuana grade strain.

And then we have the ultimate Light of Jah, cloned from the famous Jack Herer strain, named after this cannabis legalisation pioneer. Not content with producing and making available Light of Jah feminized seeds, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds have now, after many years of breeding, come out with a Light of Jah auto feminised strain of seeds. Now you can grow and harvest Light of Jah in record time. Its autoflowering capabilities allow this strain to be harvested in as little as ten weeks after germination. Of course you can’t expaect such a larger harvest as regular Light of Jah which can take six months or more t=from start to finish. but that easily sorted by simply growing more Light of Jah plants and planting and harvesting them more often.

The same is true of that great Indica hybrid Le Fruit Defendu. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds have now produced an auto-flowering feminized version of this super strain called, simply. Le Fruit Defendu auto feminized seeds. Just like Light of Jah, Le Fruit Defendu can be harvested within 10 weeks of germinating thanks to the auto-flowering qualities – meaning that the strain begins to flower shortly into the vegetative stage and continues to flower and form buds right up to final harvest time, regarless of daylight / night cycles. This also means that you can do sample harvests of Le Fruit Defendu throughout its cycle for quality control ;).

Royal Queen feminized and autoflowering seeds

Royal Queen Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds is one of the top European marijuana seed breeders, and well on its way to becoming a leader worldwide. Based in the Netherlands, they pride themselves on providing high quality feminized seeds at an affordable price.

The new line of Royal Queen Seeds is the product of 20 years of growing experience, and seeds are created only from powerful strains like Haze or white species.

Quality is guaranteed by the rigorous practices of the Royal Queen Seeds team: all seeds come from organic mothers, are hand-picked, are tested for genetic purity, and tested daily for ‘germinating strength’.

Quality is maintained right through the order process, as all seeds are vacuum-packed, and sent in strong resistant packaging, to ensure the seed arrives in perfect condition to your door.

Below are their feminized strains. Click on a link for more information and how to order.

Amnesia Haze

Blue Mistic


Fruit Spirit

Haze Berry


Kali Dog

Northern Light

O G Kush

Power Flower

Royal Caramel

Royal Cheese

Shining Silver Haze

White Widow
– – –

Royal Queen Auto-flowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds is amongst the top rapidly-growing marijuana seeds breeders in Europe and hopes to become worldwide market leader within a few years.

Royal queen is a specialized marijuana seed bank created by top breeders in the Netherlands.

Best known for their auto-flowering varieties, Royal Queen marijuana seed-bank creates automatic strains from some of the top strains available.

There are many advantages to using auto-flowering seed strains. Due to their rapid life cycle between 55 and 70 days, they can be grown outdoors where the summer growing season is relatively short.

Royal Queen prides itself in providing top quality marijuana seeds where the seeds are all selected by hand to ensure only healthy ones get passed on the grower. The seeds are tested often for their ability to germinate.

Below is a selection of their auto-flowering feminied strains. Click on the picture for more information and how to order.

All new automatic breeds are created only using the most robust and healthy specimens ensuring high quality seeds. These seeds are then vacuum packed to ensure safe arrival to you, the grower.

Click the link to see the full range of Royal Queen Auto-flowering feminized seeds available

Feminised cannabasis seeds

euro billsThe trade in cannabis  seeds on the Internet is a estimated to be over a billion Euro business concern. The Euro is all its debt problems is still the preferred currency for trade in pot seeds. The euro is to marijuana seed trade as the dollar is to the prices of crude oil. The euro is the accepted way of pricing and comparing marijuana seeds from varied types and  seed sorting houses. As well the majority of marijuana seed trades are made with the Euro.

There are a host of causes for this. To start off, the majority of seed farmers and seed banks are situated in The Netherlands where the sale and buying of pot is within the law. Netherlands, like its neighbours  joined the EU currency the Euro way back in the beginning of the 21st century. To illustrate, the world centre for movies may be Hollywood but the world centre for marijuana seeds is The Netherlands.

sensi seedsSeveral marijuana seed breeders in Netherlands have been selling for years. Consider Sensi Seeds for instance. They’ve been in the trade of provisioning specialist strains of cannabis seeds for cannabis cultivators with  the best cannabis seeds that can be found for over 20 years.  A good number of marijuana seed breeders also supply peculiar feminized cannabis seeds. A feminized cannabis seed can only turn into a female  plant which puts forth the resiny buds preferred for getting high on.

A thing to remember is that if a person solely grows with feminized cannabis seeds zero males can manifest. The female cannabis plants will not be fertilized, and their flowers (buds) will be super powerful as a consequence. The negative side of cultivating solely using feminized cannabis seeds is that the female cannabis plants that mature will not bring forth any seeds. So you will need to get another round of seeds to cultivate further batches afterwards.

nirvana seedsThe range of cannabis seeds accessible is impressive. Highly  breeders in like Nirvana Seeds Netherlands are often joining the best types to produce stronger types that mature faster, or bring forth denser flowers, stronger buds, etc. etc.. Most of the best cannabis seeds anywhere are developed in Netherlands and distributed all over the globe.

How can one be assured that the cannabis seeds acquirable on the Internet are really the best cannabis seeds or genuinely feminized cannabis seeds? It is safer to stick to reputable cannabis seed banks that enjoy a good name. Don’t bother with temporary sellers no mater how elaborate their websites. Quite apart from getting the best cannabis seeds you might just end up with rubbish.

New York Diesel

New York DieselWhy is this strain from the Big Apple so popular? maybe cause it deliver large quantities of great smoking exotic weed – tastes great and the effects are simply out of this world :D.

Usually grown indoors, this marijuana strain was taken to Amsterdam for improvement. Get New York Diesel marijuana seeds from the Capital of Cannabis and you’ll get a strain that delivers up to 20% more wicked bud per plant that the original New York Diesel back home.

Originally bred from Mexican Sativa and super Afghani strains,  New York Diesel is one of the most sought after marijuana seeds on the internet.

Winner of prestigious awards for super bud and exotic stones. New York Diesel remains a prime strain for indoor growing, especially in small grow rooms ’cause it stays low and bushy yielding more bud per plant than other popular strains (you’ll harvest 400 grams plus per plant).

Popular among experienced growers and first-timers alike, New York Diesel is bound to stay on top of the charts for many years to come.

Big Bud Rocks The World :)

big bud :DShe’s got big ones that’s for sure – big buds that is. So this Kween of Kanabis is named appropriately.

Yep, were taking about the amazing strain grown from Big Bud marijuana seeds. The buds can grow so big on this ever popular monster that you need sticks to support the branches so they won’t break from the growing weight.

Big Bud marijuana seeds are now available worldwide thanks to the Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds bank. These guys say ‘damn the topedos’ and send them to everyone and everywhere who wants to grow this green gold.

Giving a smooth potent smoke with a great long-lasting high, it’s hardly surprising that Big Bud is so popular among smokers and growers alike.

When you consider that Big Bud delivers an incredible 600+ grams per plant, just 5 females (out of a packet of 10) would result in some 3,000 grams of high quality smoking weed!  Yawser!

Big Bud marijuana seeds are now available worldwide from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds – I include a picture of their order taking secretary below 😀 Enjoy!

amsterdam marijuana seeds

The Mr Nice Cannabis Seed-bank in Amsterdam

mr nice marijuana seedsManaged by the famous marijuana geneticist, Mr S., the Mr Nice seed bank involves several famous marijuana botanists and marijuana experts with plenty of input and encouragement from the famous Mr Nice, real name – Howard Marks.

Combined you’ve got a lot of expertise and sound judgment concerning the creation of many of the greatest marijuana types available.

Many of the Mr Nice seed-bank weed strains have won admiration and cannabis cups namely Ash, Devil, and Afghan Haze.

The guiding light behind Mr Nice seed-bank  was to preserve the genetics of the great marijuana types, and combine them to develop super marijuana types and distribute them around the world in order that that many others would be able to enjoy the  genetic mastery.

To ensure purity the Mr Nice seed-bank develop their plants in tightly sealed indoor environments to prevent the contamination of foreign pollen.

In other words if you order cannabis seeds from the Mr Nice Seed Bank you are working with the pure weed strains that produce the bounty as they were made to.

There are no bad results when you use Mr Nice marijuana seeds. A stable bounty of the top cannabis anywhere can be expected time after time.

All the seed-bank weed strains are hardy and stable and can be grown indoors or outside.

For the Mr Nice seed-bank, only the highest standards will suffice. You can purchase Mr Nice seed-bank marijuana seeds with confidence.