Bianca marijuana – the power of three

bianca feminized seedsNow available from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is Bianca seeds and Bianca feminized seeds.

This strain is a robust hybrid concocted from cross-breeding three super stains:

White Widow – the fantastic smoking strain favourite of Amsterdam coffee houses and grown and smoked worldwide.

White Queen – the Empress of White marijuana strains known for its huge potent yields

Afghan – a strong and stout Indica best known for its hashish production – strong smelling with potent relaxing highs.

Combine these top-grade strains and you have Bianca – the new kid n the block that is taking the marijuana growing community by storm.

Grown indoors or outside, Bianca is sure to deliver a hefty harvest of some of the sweetest smoking weed on the planet.

Just can’t get enough of the strain! Here’s what Amsterdam Marijuana seeds bank has to say about it’s own creation:

Bianca feminized is a unique hybrid consisting out of three different and extremely popular strains of cannabis. The famous White Widow, which is regarded as one of the most desirable marijuana strains ever produced and is a multiple Cannabis Cup winner. The Afghani strain, used to mountainous conditions, a very hardy and strong strain of cannabis, which can endure severe cold or heat. And then at last, but definitely not at least, the White Queen strain, also referred to as the Empress among the white cannabis genetics. As I am sure you can imagine, the mixture of all these three strains, is bound to give a most exiting and beautifu strain of marijuana. It is widely sold all over the world, including in the Amsterdam coffeeshops.

Depending on the space you have available, Bianca feminized seeds will grow either indoors or outdoors. Bianca feminized plants thrive on both occasions.

The best time for harvesting your Bianca feminized plants will be about seven weeks, which is quite quick. If you are planting your Bianca feminized seeds outside, the right harvesting time will be about September or October, depending on the climate and conditioning.

These Bianca feminized plants grow to a medium height, so they are not very tall. Which is one of the Afghani characteristics, of which is has got a few. Bianca feminized is almost like a Bonsai bush. There is a thick layer of THC crystals on the buds of the Bianca feminized plant, which give them a nice and white look.

The yield is pretty good as well, as the buds on the Bianca feminized plant are big and fat. And even-though it might not be a very tall cannabis plant, it doesn’t take away much of the weight in the end.

The taste of the Bianca feminized bud is floral one, with a hint of hashish, a deep combination of flavours. It smells intense and powerful. Bianca has a very positive high, very strong. Because Bianca cannabis comes from different strains, which have different highs to it, it gives you an uplifting high with a strong after-blow. Very nice.

Click on the links abouve to find out more or even order Bianca feminized seeds and get 5 free feminized seeds with every order. Sweet  🙂 .

Greenhouse Seed Co. Feminised Seeds

Greenhouse-Seed-Co.-logoThe Green House Seed Company has the reputation of being the “the best cannabis seed bank in the world”.

Set-up in Amsterdam in eighties, the Green House Seed Co. have since earned a lot of awards with manager Arjan being recognised as ‘Top Dog Cannabis seeds’ for all the awards won.

Collating genetics and indigenous vitieties for over 20+ years, all Green House Seed Company seeds are the result of selective breeding.

Green House Seed Company have done extensive research into terpenes – the chemical substances responsible for the flavour and smell and effects of types of marijuana strains – and each of the strains produced by the Greenhouse Seed Co.  has a unique DNA profile resu;ting in a distinctive flavour and aroma.

All Green House Seed Co. strains are feminized seeds, and all have potent medicinal qualities, as well as being suitable for recreational use.

Here is just a sample of Greenhouse Seed Co. varieties now available:

White Window

white window cannabis marijuanaWhite Window (originally called White Widow) is possibly the most celebrated cannabis strain in history. It’s popularity is due to a number of reasons, not least its taste and effects when smoked.

A potent cross between super Sativa from Brazil and India, White Window (aka White Widow) took the Amsterdam coffee shops by storm.

Despite its mainly Sativa background, White Window (White Widow)imparts a smooth and balanced stone with effects similar to great hashish. (If you have to dissect the genetic heritage of White Window (White Widow) it’s usually classified as one-quarter Indica and three-quarters Sativa.)

The term ‘white’ in White Window is a reference to the glimmering whitish sheen this cannabis plant takes on when reaching maturity. White Window become covered in THC drenched crystals which gives it a silvery / whitish appearance.
Needless to say this is one very potent variety of cannabis and effects of White Window (White Widow) when smoked are a strong but mellow buzz.

So what’s White Window (White Widow) like to grow you ask?

If you live up north White Window (White Widow) cannabis is best grown indoors or in a greenhouse. It has a reasonable 8 week flowering cycle so if you give it three months of vegetative grow, a crop of White Window should be ready for harvest around 5 months after germinating. It is possible to make it flower a month sooner but the usually large harvest of 450 grams per plant will be somewhat diminished as a result.

So what ever you want to call it, White Window, White Widow or even White Widdow, this is a potent marijuana strain with an average THC level of 15% to 20%. In other words, White Window marijuana (White Widow marijuana) should be smoked with caution ;).

For more information and links to buying seeds click the link – White Widow seeds

White Widow feminzed

feminized marijuana seedsThe trade in Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds over the Internet is a estimated to be over a billion Euro commercial enterprise. You may have noticed I wrote euro, not $$. The euro is to marijuana seed commerce as the US dollar is to a barrel of oil. Euros are the standard way of setting prices and comparing marijuana seeds from different strains and cannabis seed banks. Also most marijuana seed sales are done through the Euro.

There are a host of reasons for this. Foremost, most seed breeders and seed stockists come from Netherlands where the selling and buying of weed is tolerated. Holland, as with its neighbouring countries (apart from England) took on the single currency the Euro starting in 2000. Think of it this way –  the world capital for vodka might be Russia but the world capital for marijuana seeds is Amsterdam.

A handful of marijuana seed breeders in Holland have been in existence a long time. Consider Sensi Seeds as a case in point. This cannabis seed bank has been in the trade of breeding cannabis seeds for weed cultivators with  the best cannabis seeds available for over 25 years. Many marijuana seed sellers also make available  feminized cannabis seeds. A feminized cannabis seed will only turn into a female cannabis plant that grows the buds sticky with resin loved for getting high on.

If a person solely uses feminized cannabis seeds the result will be that not a single male will develop. The female weed plants will be prevented from being fertilized, and their flowers (buds) will be super powerful as an effect. The negative side of cultivating solely using feminized cannabis seeds is that the female weed plants that develop will not bring forth any seeds. Hence you will be required to get another round of seeds to plant further batches afterwards.

The extent of cannabis seeds for sale is incredible. Serious plant geneticists in Holland are always combining the best types to create stronger strains that can develop quicker, or produce thicker flowers, stronger buds, etc. etc.. The majority of the best cannabis seeds on the planet, like the most popular marijuana seeds in the world, White Widow feminized seeds, are being produced in Holland and spread all about the world.

But how can one be assured that the cannabis seeds acquirable from a website are genuinely the best cannabis seeds or genuinely feminized cannabis seeds? It is better do business with reputable cannabis seed banks that already have a good reputation. Don’t bother with fly-by-night sellers despite how elaborate the web pages. Quite apart from getting the best cannabis seeds you could be spending your money on garbage.

Best indoor cannabis strains

OK, here’s my take on the top three best indoor cannabis strains.

Although I can’t assume that every cannabis connoisseur and professional or hobby indoor marijuana grower is going to agree with me (everyone has their favourite don’t they), I am confident to state that everyone will agree that these are all near the tyop of the pyramid of great cannbis seed strains for growing indoors.

I’ll post more top indoor cannabis seed strains later.

– – –

White Widow

OK, sue me for being predictable but White Widow is the ultimate indoor cannabis strain. I mean, who can argue with that?

Consistently voted Number 1 favourite smoke in Amsterdam coffee houses, this gem of a ‘white strain’ has the perfect balanced stone, giving you that lift you and I need after a long day in the salt mines while at the same time not not forcing us to climb the walls or feel the need to run around the block a dozen times.

White Widow weed, a nice glass of vino, lying on a rug in front of a roaring fire, and you sexy partner by your side … OK it doesn’t hurt to fantasise ;).

But as an indoor growing strain White Widow seeds make a great investment. This is a predictable and robust strain that produces those glorious ‘white’ flowers (basically buds sticky with resin and sparking with whitish crystals of virtually pure THC :D).

Anybody who doesn’t adore this strain needs their heads screwed on as far as I’m concerned. It’s only problem is that it might be too powerful for some folks – beginners basically. But that’s OK, You can graduate to smoking White Widow with practice and patience.

So that’s the top of my list, but there are other strains with some interesting characteristics like auto-flowering. Auto-flowering cannabis develops buds throughout its life cycle regardless of light dark cycles. That means, of course, that as the plant is growing you can do ‘sample harvests’ to check on quality, get a good buzz on, and fantasise about your final harvests :).

– – –

Top of the list of indoor auto-flowering cannabis strains has got to be Easy Rider.

easy rider cannabis

Easy Rider auto-flowering

Easy Rider is possibly one of the easiest and predictable marijuana strains to grow indoors.

Additionally its one of the fastest developing inoor cannabis varieties in the world. It’s a 9 week seed to harvest strain. Nine little weeks. And the flowering cycle lkasts foor 6 weeks.

So you do the math. OK, I’ll do it then. You plant an Easy Rider cannabis seeds and with three short weeks its big enough to start growing buds. Another six weeks of growing and developing big buds it’s ready to harvest.

Best of all the buds are great tasting, with a killer THC content of around 20%, and when you smoke some this weed it zaps you with a happy soaring sativa high.

Heck, you could even make new friends smoking this stuff – it;s so good.

Can’t wait to start my next batch of Easy Rider auto-flowering  (make sure it’s auto-flowering).

– – –

purpla bud sayiva cannabis

Purple Bud

Purple Bud – this is one sweet starin. You do like the ‘purple strain; cannabis don’t you? Great smell, great taste, great high – great cannabis! (I think I’ve ade y point.

Purple Bud orginates from the west Coast of North America but don’t hold that against it. The good folks in Holland got their green hands on it and sorted this strain out making it a primo consideration for indoor gardeners.

Don’t tell anyone but I’ growing an indoor crop of Purple Bud as I type. Their still in their first two weeks getting established but man t=do these sucjers grow fast and strong.

I can just stand there and watch them grow minute by minute. Or maybe I’ve smoked to much  ;).

Seriously this is one tidy strain that grows well and produces huge crops of dynamite purple bud – you know, gorgeous smell, awesome taste and buzz … no matter how much you abuse or neglect this strain … I should know ;).

Purple Bud is the cannabis seed strain for the people who smoke a lot of dope and are known to be disorganised and forgetfull. No wonder this is one of my favs.

But trust me, even if you are diligence and mindful, you will still be blown away how this powerful purple strain delivers the goods.





White Widow seeds drive the trade

white widow seedsDespite global laws against using cannabis the presence of legitimate cannabis seed banks keep increasing thanks to the popularity of White Widow seeds and other popular cannabis seed strains.. A lot cannabis seed banks run Internet shops where one is able to buy cannabis seeds on-line.

It might seem bizarre to many others to discover that marijuana seed banks selling White Widow seeds are not breaking any laws and in most jurisdictions it is absolutely legitimate to sell cannabis seeds. The cannabis seeds themselves do not include any banned substances such as THC and hence fall out of the scope of the law.

In the 21st century the trade in weed seeds like White Widow have expanded. There is currently a wide selection of cannabis seed banks to be found in various places around the planet although they seem to be situated mainly around the Netherlands.

A contributing factor to the fact that The Dutch has the majority of cannabis seed outlets is in all probability because their slack regulations with regards to cannabis cultivation. It was in Amsterdam that White Widow got its start in the early 90’s. Also in The Netherlands there is a number of cannabis seed outlets that produce specialized weed strains with strange names, for example Blue Cheese, Light of Jah, CarameliciousLowryder, Cheese, and New York Diesel.

One of the first and well respected cannabis seed banks in The Netherlands is Sensi Seeds. This marijuana seed bank has been cultivating and making available high quality weed geno-types, including White Widow seeds, for well over 20 years and was linked to the undaunted hemp aficionado Jack Herer.

A very popular cannabis seed bank goes by the name of Nirvana Seeds that in known for a wide variety of powerful cannabis seeds and strains anywhere.

There’s the world re-known cannabis seed bank named Paradise Seeds that continues to be active for over 15 years and stocks a huge bank of top quality cannabis seeds collected from exotic locations all over the planet.

One increasingly popular operation is the leading cannabis seed bank situated in Holland called Serious Seeds founded by a previous cultivator of Sensi Seeds. Lately, this seed bank have been the cultivators of the much coveted marijuana seeds like Chronic, AK48, Kali Mist, and White Russian.

The cannabis seed business keeps on expanding contrary to international economic recession. This could be in part ascribable to people seeking an alternative source of money. It might also be a sign of a change to a self-reliant society analogous to home repairs or growing your own vegetables. But at the bottom of the serge in interest in the on-going popularity and trade in White Widow seeds.