Limoncello Haze and Super Skunk AMS

Expect 350 grams of harvest per M² of grow space of dense, smelly, resinous buds. If you love hashish, this Skunk Special hybrid could be the strain for you.

Also we need to mention new Limoncello Hazfeminized seeds

limoncello haze feminized seedsLimoncello Haze is a  hybrid bred from Silver Haze and Lemon Ice.

Limoncello Haze has a delicious citrus flavour much praised by marijuana lovers who’d rather use a vaporizer to get the full taste.

Limoncello Haze won the High Times cannabis cup two years in a row in 2008 and 2009.

Limoncello Haze delivers a large amount of dense buds resulting in a copious harvest.

A long lasting and relaxing high, the effects of Limoncello Haze are psychodelic.

Limoncello Haze is medical marijuana and is great for pain relief. Limoncello Haze is also is a good cure for insomina.

Limoncello Haze seeds can be grown indoors and outdoors.


Yoruba Nigeria

Yoruba Nigeria marijuana seeds If you like the different and exotic then Yoruba Nigeria cannabis strain might be for you. It comes from the area here the ancient Yoruba kingdoms used to rule and the use of cannabis was (and still is to some extent) a part of religious and cultural practices. Yoruba Nigeria marijuana


Tropicanna marijuana seeds TropiCanna is the product of 4 years of select breeding between the super strains of White Widow and Big Bud resulting in a cannabis strain that continues to win awards and impress even the most discerning professional growers. A strong Indica-dominant strain, TropiCanna is known for its huge buds and heavy harvest

Thai X Skunk cannabis

Thai X Skunk marijuana seeds Thai X Skunk is an exotic hybrid known for its great taste and and strong stone when smoked. Best grown indoors, Thai X Skunk produces enormous buds covered resin. With a flowering cycle of 8 to 10 weeks, this strain with a distinct Thai aroma, delivers around 400 grams of

Light of Jah

Light of Jah marijuana seeds Light of Jah is one of the most popular marijuana strains ever to be made available in seed form. Winner of many prestigious awards, Light of Jah was named in honour of the famous marijuana advocate, Jack Herer. A refined hybrid of the well-known Sativa Haze, Light of Jah delivers

Azura cannabis seeds

Azura marijuana seeds Azura cannabis is a specialist breed developed for large harvests, taste, and potency. Select berry strains from India crossed with Light of Jah has produced this Indica-dominant hybrid that pleases the most discriminating smoker and grower. Azura marijuana grows well indoors and outside in warmer lower latitude climates (below 40 degrees). In

Black Indica

Black Indica cannabis seeds black indica feminized amsterdam marijuana seedsBlack Indica, also known as Big Black Indica, is similar to White Widow with its large resinous buds but with darker leaves and huge harvests from this strong, fast growing strain. An easy to grow strain, indoors or outdoors, Black Indica is an Indica dominant Afghani Indica hybrid crossed with White Widow. Despite a short flowering cycle of 7 to 8 weeks, Black Indica marijuana still produces a large quantity of top quality buds – coming in at around 500 grams per plant. Growing between 100 to 130 cm in height, Black Indica cannabis produces some potent smoke with buds containing a THC level of 18% to 20% Best grown indoors above 45 degees latitude, Black Indica is a very stable strain that consistantly produces large yields of potent buds. The effect is a strong almost narcotic-like buzz that will keep you smoothly sailing for hours :). free marijuana seeds secure shipping All currencies accepted. All currenc