Bianca marijuana – the power of three

bianca feminized seedsNow available from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is Bianca seeds and Bianca feminized seeds.

This strain is a robust hybrid concocted from cross-breeding three super stains:

White Widow – the fantastic smoking strain favourite of Amsterdam coffee houses and grown and smoked worldwide.

White Queen – the Empress of White marijuana strains known for its huge potent yields

Afghan – a strong and stout Indica best known for its hashish production – strong smelling with potent relaxing highs.

Combine these top-grade strains and you have Bianca – the new kid n the block that is taking the marijuana growing community by storm.

Grown indoors or outside, Bianca is sure to deliver a hefty harvest of some of the sweetest smoking weed on the planet.

Just can’t get enough of the strain! Here’s what Amsterdam Marijuana seeds bank has to say about it’s own creation:

Bianca feminized is a unique hybrid consisting out of three different and extremely popular strains of cannabis. The famous White Widow, which is regarded as one of the most desirable marijuana strains ever produced and is a multiple Cannabis Cup winner. The Afghani strain, used to mountainous conditions, a very hardy and strong strain of cannabis, which can endure severe cold or heat. And then at last, but definitely not at least, the White Queen strain, also referred to as the Empress among the white cannabis genetics. As I am sure you can imagine, the mixture of all these three strains, is bound to give a most exiting and beautifu strain of marijuana. It is widely sold all over the world, including in the Amsterdam coffeeshops.

Depending on the space you have available, Bianca feminized seeds will grow either indoors or outdoors. Bianca feminized plants thrive on both occasions.

The best time for harvesting your Bianca feminized plants will be about seven weeks, which is quite quick. If you are planting your Bianca feminized seeds outside, the right harvesting time will be about September or October, depending on the climate and conditioning.

These Bianca feminized plants grow to a medium height, so they are not very tall. Which is one of the Afghani characteristics, of which is has got a few. Bianca feminized is almost like a Bonsai bush. There is a thick layer of THC crystals on the buds of the Bianca feminized plant, which give them a nice and white look.

The yield is pretty good as well, as the buds on the Bianca feminized plant are big and fat. And even-though it might not be a very tall cannabis plant, it doesn’t take away much of the weight in the end.

The taste of the Bianca feminized bud is floral one, with a hint of hashish, a deep combination of flavours. It smells intense and powerful. Bianca has a very positive high, very strong. Because Bianca cannabis comes from different strains, which have different highs to it, it gives you an uplifting high with a strong after-blow. Very nice.

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