Why growing marijuana indoors is better

amsterdam marijunana seedsIt seems like more and more folk are growing their own ganja these days. Not only is there a growth of hydroponics stores and ‘how to grow’ websites, the quality of the marijuana accessible on the streets and amongst users’ communities has altered over the past decade or so from commercialized hash and low grade green to dope of the highest quality.

There are several good reasons to grow  marijuana indoors. Not least of these is the financial angle. You don’t need to be a maths mastermind to work out that after your initial outlay on equipment and seeds, growing your own at home will be considerably cheaper than buying from a dealer or even from so-called buddies. If you are a serious-minded user this can work out to the saving of a small treasure.

Another great reason to grow your own marijuana is that you know exactly where it has come from, and more importantly, how it was grown. Quality is a very important consideration to the dedicated smoker. You choose your own strain and know what you are going to get. When you grow your own there are no more hurried parking lot transactions that, when you get home, transpire to have been for inferior quality goods. Now you can buy top-quality seeds from some awesome strains right on the Internet such as Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds where they supply classics like Lowryder and Master Kush

Growing your own cannabis is also great fun. Even without the bonus of a regular supply of your favourite smoke, the art of growing is tremendously interesting. Like all good hobbies it takes minutes to learn but a long time to master. There’s always something novel to learn, different techniques and methods to try or new exotic strains to sample.

But perhaps the chief reason for people to grow their own weed is that it removes the power and the money from criminals. Whatever your own view is on legalization, if you live in a country or province where possession of ganja is illegal, then buying pot on the black-market not only bankrolls criminal gangs; it forces people who may in all other aspects of their lives be wonderfully law abiding citizens, to consort with criminal elements. This also exposes people to harder drugs and increases the risk of getting caught. Even if you normally buy your weed from a friend, unless it is home grown on a domestic scale, then somewhere along the line someone is dealing with organised criminal gangs who have only one thing on their minds; profits, NOT quality. Each day the bud quality from dispensaries and dealers alike just seems to be going down and down.

No single strain out there can compare to the quality of growing your own homegrown top-shelf marijuana. The excitement is indefinable. It brings me so much joy to watch my little seeds turn into full budding beautiful ladies glistening with sparkling THC-rich resin, branches drooping with heavy eye-popping buds that are just aching to be picked & smoked. A lot of folk are afraid to get started because they feel getting started will be too much work, cost too much, be too difficult to learn, or a number of other valid concerns. The truth is, growing your own is not only easy, severely inexpensive, but it’s also a lot of fun!

I have seen people literally cry from accidentally ruining their crop in the precious final weeks of bud harvest. Imagine throwing away months of time as well as by chance destroying those costly exotic seeds. Fortunately, veteran cultivators like myself have gone through years and years of painful experience and ruined grow attempts to deduce what doesn’t work, and show you exactly what does.

The result? Incredible, high-quality sticky & frosty home-grown buds from the very first try. Never before has there been such a comprehensive resource today for interested & aspiring marihuana growers to go to that shows them how to not only stave off virtually every mistake they could possibly make, but goes well into the depth of what to do right for easily growing some unbelievable buds from their very first try! Saving them not only years of wasted trial & error effort, but lots and lots of money in the long run.

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